Non-Baby Topics (No Lie…Not Even One Picture)

Let’s chat about something other than sleep, breastmilk, and all other baby-related topics.

First up, TV! Now that I’m home full-time, I’ve been watching more TV (should I be ashamed?), or at least having it on in the background. Brody and I also continue to watch our shows at night.

My daytime TV starts with The Today Show. I was embarrassingly excited when they announced that Carson Daly is joining the team!!!!

I always defend Carson when Brody pokes fun of him on The Voice and thought he was fantastic when he was a guest host for The Today Show a month ago.

I also regularly watch What Not To Wear and The Chew, both of which I DVR. Sometimes I’ll see an episode of Long Island Medium or The Dr. Oz Show.

At night, Brody and I have a handful of shows we’re into. This section demands a list:

1) Have you seen The Newsroom? If not, you have to watch it.

It’s in its second season and is SO well done. The writer and producer, Aaron Sorkin, also created Sports Night and The West Wing. The show gives a (fictional) behind the scenes look at producing a nightly news program. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is just smart.

2) Sons of Anarchy started up again, and we watched the first episode the other night. I forgot how violent that show is: anal rape, torture porn, drowning in a tub of urine. Oy! And I’m sure all of the S.O.A. and Fifty Shades of Grey fans out there heard that Charlie Hunnam will be Christian Grey in the film version of the very popular trilogy (which I never read).


3) The Food Truck Road Race is another one we keep up with. Quite a 180 from S.O.A., right? Tyler Florence hosts this show, and I’m guessing the title gives away the premise.

4) Brody started watched Revolution on Netflix on his own, and I got sucked in a couple weekends ago about ten episodes into the first season. We enjoyed Lost, and this is by the same writer, JJ Abrams. It’s a slightly futuristic setting in which the “lights went out.” No power, no electricity…well, sort of. This is the perfect lazy weekend show.

Second non-baby discussion point, FOOD!

Last weekend, Brody was gone, and a kind friend brought over soup for me. One less meal to figure out? Awesome! The soup (with kale, ground turkey, and carrots) was delicious, and with the cooler temps, I’m ready to start making more comfort foods. I found the recipe my friend used (link above) and made myself a batch. Instead of rice, I added some potatoes that were on their last legs. It was the perfect quick and healthy lunch for me last week.

I was craving something sweet (no surprise) I found this protein powder peanut butter cookies. They were what you’d expect from a healthy cookie, but I actually prefer this protein powder cookie dough. Brody came home, saw the cookies thinking they were “real”, and got excited. I quickly intercepted his reaching hand – he would’ve spit the cookie out and given me that “I can’t believe you eat this” look. Because I’m an awesome wife, I made “real” cookies for him this morning…with peanut butter, and butter, and sugar. Smitten Kitchen has the best cookie recipes, so I followed hers. Peanut butter cookies for the win! I broke my rule (more of a guideline) of not eating chocolate before noon and had two. Then I had two after lunch. I’ll probably have more before the day is done.

This is kind of food related: a commercial was shot at my house on Wednesday. Like a legit commercial that will air on TV (only on the east coast, though). How did this come to be? A neighbor of mine knows the woman who was responsible for finding locations for breakfast sausage company’s commercial. My neighbor suggested my house since they were looking for a kitchen space with a breakfast bar. Out of a handful of houses, mine was one of three selected! A crew of thirty some people arrived at 7:30am and occupied the entire first floor of my house. Lots of cars and an RV lined the streets around my house, camera and lighting equipment was set up inside and outside, and there was a food buffet outside…cause that’s when you know it’s the real deal.


They left at 8:00pm (after doing a very good job of cleaning my house) and handed over a nice check. Plus, they left a package of breakfast sausage in the freezer for us! It was a very cool and unique experience.

Third and final topic, exercise. I’m kind of back on that horse; this past week I went to kickboxing on Tuesday, Zumba on Wednesday, and ran three miles on Friday. My body feels good, but I can definitely tell something is different with my knees. They ache when I crouch down and stand up, even if I hadn’t recently worked out. Also, I don’t notice it’s any worse after running. Pregnancy can affect ligaments, and I’m guessing that’s what is going on. I also need new shoes. It could be that.

I didn’t even mention “she who will not be named” once. Bet you didn’t think I could do it? It was hard.

What show(s) are you into?
What’s the best thing you’ve made recently?
What’s been your go-to way to exercise recently?

10 thoughts on “Non-Baby Topics (No Lie…Not Even One Picture)

  1. I have those same pains in my knees!! It’s pretty annoying but it doesn’t seem like running makes it any worse so that’s good. I do think it’s related to postpartum and I definitely squat more now than I ever have from picking things up while holding a baby.

    • That’s what I figured – darn pregnancy 🙂 Do you know if it ever goes away? It makes me feel like such an old lady. I’ve hear having hip pain is common too, but luckily I haven’t had that (yet).
      Hope your running continues to go well!

  2. I think it takes like 9 months for ligaments to return to normal? And you should totally watch Madmen if you haven’t, I think that’s one you guys would enjoy…there are a bunch of seasons on Netflix. =) And it was really nice to see you on yesterday…”she who shall not be named” is SO darn cute, I can’t believe how big she’s gotten!

    • After a little research, I also read it takes a while for the ligaments to not be so loose. At least working out doesn’t make it worse!
      Madmen might be my fall show to watch during the naps. I’ve heard great things about it. It sounds like we have similar taste in tv, so I trust your recommendation 🙂

  3. I have NOT heard that Charlie Hunnam was starring in 50 shades! I have the major hots for him, so YEAH! I’m also addicted to watching SOA. Not sure where, it can be so disturbing, but again I’m sure it has something to do with Charlie. A good show to watch which will be in its 2nd season, also on FX, is The Americans starring Keri Russell. Its a Russian spy show. Yeah to you for not mentioning “what’s her name”?
    I also have had major knee issue since my 1st pregnancy. My knees would buckle going up or down stairs. Now, they love to lock on me. I have trouble doing the elliptical and riding a bike.
    Oh, and maybe I will see you at Zumba…I always go on Mon nights, 7p.

    • My knees haven’t buckled (yet) but going up and down the stairs is when I feel it the most.
      I can’t believe you hadn’t heard the news about Charlie Hunnam!!! Did you read the books?
      Hope you had fun at Zumba last night! Did you know I took a Zumba class at 37 weeks (or more) pregnant? It was the most awkward thing ever – ha! As a pregnant woman, I was not meant to move my hips and shimmy 🙂

  4. I love Newsroom, but haven’t caught the finale yet….I’m waiting. I’m excited to watch 2 new shows starting this fall, that one with Andy Sanburg as a cop on Fox and MOM with Anna Faris and my most favorite Allison Janney. I just started “The Fall” on Neflix, its a 5 episode (not sure if its gonna wrap up or have another season!) and I’m obsessed! its about a serial killer in Belfast. Super creepy. I hope you guys check out “The Bridge” too its my go to show to watch on the dvr right now 🙂

    • Thanks for the recommendations! We watched the last episode of The Newsroom last night – it’s a good one 🙂
      We started watching The West Wing, which has Allison Janney in it! She’s great.

  5. I’m having the same knee issues- and I never had them before I was pregnant. Running makes it worse for me. If you find a fix, let me know!!

    • Knees seem to be a common issue among my new mom friends. I heard that drinking tart cherry juice can help with arthritis or joint issues – maybe I’ll give that a shot. That stinks that running makes it worse for you 😦

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