Finley Update: 12 Weeks

How fast time goes by!

Look how big Finley is:

Just lounging


Stretching after a nap

Our little girl

…was in the 90% for height and 70% for weight at her two-month appointment. She obviously doesn’t take after her mama (I’m 5’2″). Also, our pediatrician said she’s showing developments more of a four-month old (good trunk strength, neck control, and “standing”).

…still takes naps after 90 minutes of awake time. This works well for us, so we’re sticking to this routine. Most nights she gets one six-ish hour stretch of sleep before waking up to eat. Last night she went down at 10:15pm, woke up at 4:30am to eat and such, and then slept from 5:15am to 8:10am.

…sits in her Bumbo.

…likes baths, especially when I sing “Rubba dubba dub, Finley’s in the tub” over and over again.

…is obsessed with her brightly colored Lamaze toys. She kicks like crazy on her changing table while staring at them.

…rolled over (belly to back) for the first time August 17, and about five more times that next week, but she hasn’t done it again recently. She’s been working on other skills šŸ™‚

…is learning how to grasp things, and consequently, put them in her mouth.

Nom nom nom

…went in the lake at our cottage for the first time. Ummm, she hated it. The water was probably a little too cold.

Moose was there to supervise

…(maybe) continues to sleep in her swing on the lowest setting. I had plans of transitioning her out in a week by starting to put her in a non-moving swing, but early this morning, she spit up all over herself and the swing. I couldn’t put her back in a wet swing, so after an outfit change, I swaddled her in a SwaddleMe and put her in the crib. And she slept…for almost three hours! As I type this, she is napping in her crib.

…is making friends!

Finley and Hadley


Finley and Carter

…is learning how to be a Badger fan.

Go Bucky!

…falls asleep on Daddy.

So sweet

…has a mama who quit her job to stay home full-time. Brody and I made the decision a few weeks ago, so I broke my contract and left my teaching job. I will likely go back to teaching, but for now I am focusing on this sweet little girl.

13 thoughts on “Finley Update: 12 Weeks

  1. I’m loving these new pictures! Can’t wait to see her on the 20th šŸ™‚ I’m glad you will get so much mommy-Finley time this year by taking a break from teaching. You can live vicariously through my crazy life.

  2. I love reading these kinds of updates! Since I have my own little daughter who’s around the same age. Your daughter is so cute and seems like she’s improving her skills very well, I hope the best for you guys! Isn’t it fascinating how fast they change and that you see all the cool they learn?

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