Madison Moms Blog Playdate at Blackbird Yoga

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled on Madison Moms Blog and added it to my Feedly. There are a handful of women who write for the blog, and I have enjoyed reading about their mom-related experiences. Plus, they have tons of giveaways!

When I read about their playdate at Blackbird Yoga, I immediately signed up. Two friends with kids went to this yoga studio’s “mommy and baby” yoga and recommended it to me; I was excited to see what it was like and try something new.

On the way, I ate a protein bar in the car. While the flavor was good, the texture was a little funky and chalky. Good thing I only paid 25 cents for it (courtesy of the reduced bins at Woodman’s).


A few moms from the Mother Baby Hour I go to every Tuesday at the Meriter Business Center were there (I shared the event at last week’s meeting), so I chatted with one for a while. Not too much later, the owner of the studio announced that a yoga class would be starting soon.

It was a short fifteen minute class that included sun salutations, downward dog, mountain pose, warrior, and savashana. Finley hung out on her back while I moved through the poses. The teacher had a couple of songs that went along with poses; it was very cute to see the older kids doing yoga and singing along. This studio is on the far west side of Madison and a thirty minute drive from my house. Luckily, they are opening one on the east side by Happy Bambino! I’d be fun to go to a weekly yoga class with Finley. Plus, they have free childcare for when you want to take a class on your own – AMAZING! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another Groupon soon.

Yoga was apparently exhausting for Finley. She fell asleep in my arms after the class.


While she slept, the founders of Madison Moms Blog drew names for the giveaways. I must be on a winning streak because I won! My goodie bag included cute gray yoga pants, a gift certificate for four Gigi’s cupcakes, foot scrub and cream from Pink Papaya, and body wash from Pink Papaya. So fun!

Finley woke up after a forty-five minute nap and was ready for some tummy time. She hung out, and I talked with a few moms.


Everyone, including the babies/kids, received gift bags which included candy, dental care items, and Menchie’s coupons.


I had a great time at this event; thanks to Madison Moms Blog for putting it together!


5 thoughts on “Madison Moms Blog Playdate at Blackbird Yoga

  1. congrats on winning!! and holy crap Fin is getting so big!!!! We need to facetime soon so she doesn’t forget me šŸ™‚

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