Finley Photo Dump vol. II

After a few requests for a post about Finley, I got my stuff together and created this. It’s basically all pictures with some words (sentences even!), which is what the people want. Enjoy!

Aunt Erin got Finley this adorable owl onesie.

Finley slept for 8.5 hrs STRAIGHT one night a few weeks ago. She apparently blew bubbles the whole time and ended up with these funky white lips.

When JP and Bridget were in town, we spent an afternoon in New Glarus and went to the brewery. We stocked up before heading home, and I took this picture to send to Brody (who was at work that day).

Finley and I came downtown to have lunch with Brody. Although he looks annoyed with me for taking his picture, he was happy to see us.

Finley still likes the bouncer!

I love it when Finley naps on me.

Oh tummy time. She gets a handful of 3-5 minute sessions in every day.

Yes the picture is blurry but you can still see her smile. This is what I’m often greeted with when I get Finley from her swing in the morning or after a nap.

Finley put this on in honor of her grandma’s (Brody’s mom) birthday and my mom’s visit for the weekend.

This little lady is already two months old! How cute is she in this picture? You can see her dimples and the indent/dimple in the middle of her forehead.

#winning #dontneglectthedogs #summeroffinley


9 thoughts on “Finley Photo Dump vol. II

    • Brody thinks she looks like him too, especially when she gets her serious face on with a furrowed brow. I should put all of our pictures side by side.
      I hope Mila is doing well!

    • It’s really pretty because the new(er) facility is up high and has great views. They have a nice outdoor sitting area, and on some days a wood burning pizza food truck is there (although I’ve never tried their pizza). There isn’t a tour but you can wander around the brewery at your leisure. If you’re in New Glarus and want an authentic Swiss meal, check out Glarner Stube! Lastly, it’s an easy drive from here and actually pretty 🙂

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