Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival

Good Sunday afternoon!

Yesterday, Brody and I finally made it to Madison’s famous beer festival in Olin Park. We had lots of fun!

Bridget and JP were (and still are) in town from Cinci. We’ve traveled to Europe with them for the last two summers but skipped the European vacation because of Finley. Instead they came to visit us – what great friends! It just so happened their trip coincided with the Great Taste, so Brody bought four tickets through Craigslist.

Originally we had planned on bringing Finley but after realizing the nightmarish logistics of driving and parking with a newborn and a stroller, we decided to get a babysitter. This was a very, very good decision. I always feel a little guilty when she’s in her car seat for hours, and Brody and I were able to enjoy ourselves without worrying about her. She had a lovely time at home with her college-aged babysitter and even took a bottle with little fussing.

We arrived at the Taste around 1:30, got our wristbands, set down a couple camping chairs (which went unused the whole time), and got to drinking!

I made pretzel necklaces for Brody, Bridget and I the night before. They helped to soak up some of the beer, cleansed our palates between tastings, and were stylish.

Some people went above and beyond the simple pretzel necklace and added beef jerky, cheese sticks, and bags of trail mix to theirs.

Bridget and JP had the genius idea to bring packs with water bladders which made it much easier to stay hydrated.

We drank lots of water, and luckily there were lots of porta potties.

These tasting glasses got lots of use, with many IPAs, some fruity beers, and a few stouts and porters.


The boys also drank lots of IPAs.


Things, not surprisingly, got a little silly.

Bridget demonstrated Warrior 2 (or her bathroom problems?) while Brody photo-bombed her.

Pop quiz: This guy a) did not have a Camelbak of water, b) did not have a pretzel necklace to help absorb the beer, c) had too many samples of Urine Trouble (a very strong beer by Surly and 3 Floyds) or d) all of the above.

JP reenacted a friend’s drunken fall that occurred at Brody and my rehearsal dinner (which was at the pavilion at Olin Park) five years ago.

The weather was perfect: mid-70s, partly sunny, and low humidity.


Maybe the four of us will have to make this an annual thing.

Beer + friends + good weather = successful afternoon.

Have you been to a beer festival? Which one(s) and where?
What’d you do on Saturday?


9 thoughts on “Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival

  1. Baaahahaaha the rehearsal dinner fall… I remember that! Hilarity. Looks like you all had a blast! My friend Adam and Mike were there handing out sir James pub business cards, you didn’t happen to get one did you?! I told them to look for you (like they’d be sober enough to remember what you looked like!) jealous of your fun you had!

  2. HA! I love this post! Hilarious. It looks like you had a great time! I’ve never been to a beer festival but we just got back from Oregon so I had a great first experience with PNW microbrews. So much beer. PS – you look great!!!

  3. Great work! I took like no photos the whole time 😦 I have just that 1 of Fin! What an epic fail on my part. Just means we’ll have to do it sooner than later.

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