Six Weeks Postpartum Update

Summer typically goes by quickly, but this summer is FLYING! Finley was born over six weeks ago?!?! No way.

Are you sure this picture was taken a month and a half ago?

But it’s true. She was six weeks on Wednesday. I weighed her at the doctor’s office, and she’s already 11 lbs, which means she has gained 3 lbs and 5 oz since birth.


My doctor’s appointment went well this week, and that’s exactly what I had expected. I’ve felt basically like myself for the last four weeks.

Physical Recovery
As I mentioned pre-Finley, I had hoped to avoid a c-section. After two and a half hours of pushing, I was asking for the surgery. Besides getting my wisdom teeth removed when I was sixteen, I had never been in surgery.

My recovery was quite speedy. Less than twelve hours after being cut open, I was up on my feet, shuffling around the hospital room. The area around my incision was sore, and anything requiring use of stomach muscles was uncomfortable. I often felt a burning sensation around the area where the internal incision was, and that continued for a couple weeks.

One aspect of my body getting back to normal was dispelling all of the fluid that had accumulated in my body. I had been on an IV for over 24 hours and had a catheter in for ten hours. When it was removed and I was able to stand and use the bathroom, I peed FOREVER, and continued to pee ungodly amounts. After weeks of needing to go every half an hour (with little coming out -sorry, TMI?), this was incredible in a weird way.

For about two weeks after Finley’s birth, I still looked slightly pregnant. Every day the swelling went down, my uterus shrank, and my internal organs moved back to their appropriate areas.

Once home, I started taking walks right away. A week and a half later, Brody, Finley, the dogs, and I took a four mile walk. Walking has been my only form of exercise, and I’ve been totally content with that.

Even though I’ve been cleared to exercise, I have yet to do anything new, but I am very excited (and a little nervous) to start running and to get back into yoga (Inner Fire Yoga is opening a studio downtown Madison!!!).

Not that weight matters much now, but I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight three weeks postpartum. I credit this to good genes, breastfeeding, and a sensible weight gain (25 lbs). My stomach doesn’t look the same, and I don’t care if it ever does. There’s a ridge where the internal incision is healing, and I have still have the linea nigra. I’m wearing pants with elastic waist bands but hope to be in my pre-pregnancy jeans by the fall now that I can start exercising and working my ab muscles. My stomach has never been my proudest asset, so having a less than flat one isn’t very disconcerting.

Mental Recovery
I had an easy pregnancy, but it’s great to not be pregnant. It’s funny but I can hardly remember what it’s like to be pregnant and feel a baby kicking around in my belly. Overall, I’d say the most challenging part of pregnancy (mentally) was at the end – the waiting game.

I never experienced the baby blues or very strong emotional mood swings due to hormones post-birth. My one major and one minor meltdown both occurred while guests were in town (not their fault – I love having guests!) and after busybusybusy days. I’ve realized that doing too much + no nap = crying. Brody was around for both meltdowns, and he was awesome and gave me time to regroup (aka sleep).

Such a great husband and dad

Mommyhood has come (I think) pretty naturally to me. I feel confident in what I’m doing and don’t feel stressed. Even my nurse noted how relaxed I seemed when I brought Finley in for her two week appointment.

Finley is also a relaxed little lady

To maintain contact with the “real” world during the day, I try to get out of the house at least once. This may be a trip to the grocery store, lunch/froyo/coffee with a friend, running errands, or even just a long walk.

My latest Orange Leaf creation

A play date with friends Jena, Amber, and their little boys (Mason and Noah, respectively)

Life is quite different with Finley, and I love it. She’s an amazing little girl.


7 thoughts on “Six Weeks Postpartum Update

  1. Love this post! It’s so interesting that is comes SO naturally so quickly to first-time mothers. You seem like you’re doing great and loving life 🙂 Now get back to running with us!

  2. She is so precious. And you look fantastic! That before/after with your friends is so much fun! Getting out of the house is SO important for your sanity. We should do walks after Baby Boy arrives and the heat/mosquitoes die down!

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