What’s New?

Hi, guys! Happy Saturday!

How about this week’s weather, huh? I’m sure everyone is getting sick of talking about the heat and humidity, but it was no joke. Finley and I ventured out a little here and there but spent most of our time inside. The front that came through is a welcome relief – the air conditioner finally gets a break. I love having the windows open in the summer.


Finley is starting to like her vibrating bouncer more when awake.

A few times she’s been in it (again, while awake) and content for up to ten minutes. Ten minutes = a shower, an unloaded dishwasher, or a load of folded laundry. It also makes me glad that we’re using the stuff we received as gifts.


Our grocery store had one of the new Chobani flavors.

The apricot was good but not mind blowing. My favorites are still blood orange (so refreshing) and mango (I love all things mango).


I haven’t been cooking much due to Finley and the heat, but I did give a new recipe a shot for this month’s Wine and Recipe get together: pineapple cashew fried rice.

I’ve started following a few more recipe blogs, including How Sweet It Is. She writes with a great voice (sassy, sarcastic, and fun), and her recipes always sound and look amazing. Everyone at Wine and Recipe seemed to really like the fried rice – I can’t wait to try more of her recipes!


Finley has continued to have more visitors and gifts. She is one lucky girl! Guests this week included a dog park friend, a Wine and Recipe friend and her two boys, the twins I had watched for the last five years and their mom, my coworker/carpooler who put together the Emergency Transportation Delivery Kit, and now Finley’s aunt (Brody’s sister) and her fiancé.




We had a fun day yesterday with Aunt Erin and Uncle Dan in town, and Finley went to her first two breweries: Karben4 and Ale Asylum. I was reminded of Sweet Home Alabama: “You have a baby…in a bar.”

Finley slept the whole time. I only had one beer, a red ale, at Karben4 and then chugged water the rest of the afternoon.

For dinner we went to Eldorado’s. Not sure if I mentioned it here but I had been pining for a blackberry margarita ever since being done with pregnancy. Well my craving was satisfied last night. This was the picture I sent to Bridget last night as she had previously agreed to FaceTime with me if I couldn’t find someone to go with. She’s so nice!

Don’t worry – I’m not getting Finley drunk off my breastmilk. My beer was at 1:30pm and the drink at 7:30 with lots of food and water.


And last and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my dear friend Jena, with whom I was fortunate enough to be pregnant with at the same time, had her baby last night!

I am so happy for them! In the past, I was always thrilled for my friends when they had their kids, but it feels so different now that I have my own. When I got the text this morning, I got a little weepy (but in a good way!). It’s also pretty cool that our two kids are exactly one month apart.

So that’s what’s new around here.

10 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Sounds like a great weekend so far! This heat is no joke! I’m hesitant to turn off the A/C though. Haha…maybe when it hits 65 degrees. And I can’t believe how big she looks already, how is she a month old?! Such a cutie. Are you ladies busy Monday afternoon?

    • I get so sick of the AC but I can see why you might want to leave it on – anything to make you more comfortable is worth it.
      She is growing like a weed! It goes by so fast.
      We have no plans Monday afternoon – want to get together?

    • Thanks! Finley has never seen the Blackhawks lose and only had to wait five days to see them win the cup 🙂
      Have you been to Karben4? It’s where Ale Asylum used to be. They’re nice guys that own it and they have great beer. But I do love Ale Asylum’s new place with their killer outdoor area.

  2. Glad you and Aunt Erin (and Uncle Dan) had a great time! Looks like you’ve had a busy weekend! Ill have to come visit little Fin sometime again soon! She’s so pretty!

  3. Hi Angie! It looks like things are going well! Can you believe your little one is a month old already??!! Corrine does not like her bouncy seat and really just likes to be held in an upright position – she likes to see what is going on! I’m tempted to try a swing but there is no guarantee she’ll like that either. We’re doing well and have made another 3 1/2 hour road trip and she seemed to do a little better. I think Corrine’s mornings are better than her evenings so we tried traveling then, which seemed to go well…..
    The real test will be next week when we go up to northern MI for a few days. We’ll stop about 1/3 of the way up to visit with grandparents but will then have another 6 hours to drive so we’ll see how that goes :/…….
    I’m also eating a lot of Chobani lately but haven’t see the new flavors – my go-to are the apple cinnamon and black cherry. I usu add granola or oatmeal to them for an added crunch!
    I make this granola in large quantities and use dried sour cherries.

    Happy Wednesday!

    • Happy Wednesday! Fin also likes being held upright which will be so much easier when she can hold her head up without support.
      That’s great that the car ride was better. We may go up to my cottage again, so let’s hope we’re just as successful this second time. Good luck on your long car ride to MI! It makes me think of the mom at my Mother Baby hour who asked about nursing her daughter in the car while she’s strapped in still – could you contort your body to do that?!?! Haha! I definitely couldn’t.
      Have fun with Bridget tonight!

  4. Ok.. After this post, I’m craving a blackberry margarita. Lets plan a night where the boys can stay with the babies and we enjoy a cocktail. 🙂

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