Family Time

Brody’s mom lives in Ohio, so she wasn’t able to visit right when Finley was born. With this being her first grandchild, I’m sure it was difficult to wait over two weeks to meet her. Luckily, she was with us from Wednesday through Monday.

It was a great visit, and Finley loved having her grandma around. Grandma showed us how Finley loves to have her feet massaged – smart girl! We did a lot while Grandma was here (out to dinner, walked down State Street and to the Terrace, went to a friends’ parents’ house in Dodgeville, etc.), and it was so nice to have another set of hands.

On Sunday, the four of us drive to Port Washington to see my sister’s new house and hang out with my family. My mom and grandparents (her parents) drove from the Appleton area. How nice to have both of Finley’s grandmas together!

Some photos from the day:

Coffee and newborns go hand in hand. I drank this on the way to my sister’s and kept Finley company in the back seat.


Finley and her great-grandma got acquainted. This was so sweet to see because my grandma has dementia, and to be honest, I was a little nervous to see how she’d do with Finley. She was incredible and still a natural – I guess there are some things you never lose.


Aunt Laura got a brief tutorial on shushing a baby. She learned that she needs to be LOUD.


My sister’s house has a fantastic back deck, and the rain held off while we were there for lunch. After eating sandwiches, beans, fruit, and pasta salad, we all chatted and enjoyed the warm weather.


We took a photo with my family: my grandparents, mom, sister, husband, and daughter.


Once home, we all needed some couch time.


This week, we’re back to life with the three of us and a slower pace of being. Brody is back to work (boo!) and Finley and I are back to watching The Today Show and taking better naps (yah!).

Totally unrelated to family:

By now you’ve probably seen this commercial, but if not, it’s a must-see for a Wednesday.

How great is Buzzfeed? Someone shared this link on Facebook, and I found myself nodding and laughing. I’m guilty of #2 and #3, have definitely done #7 and #24 when it comes to going out, and know what #17 is all about.

Then I stumbled on this gem, which should be funny for everyone but is especially great for teachers. I relate to #3, could never do #14 (but sometimes would like to), love #15 (including that it’s voluntary), and am considering using #29 in my classroom next year.

Have a great hump day!

8 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Looks like a great week! You should totally do a 4-generation pic with great grandma (Gigi, as McKenzie calls hers). We had one done when McKenzie was a baby before my mom & grandma passed away and it’s such a treasure. And I can def tell you & your sis are related!

    • Great idea for the four generation picture! Maybe it would help my grandma remember who Finley is if she had a pic of all of us. How nice that you got one with the women in your family 🙂
      You think we look alike? Sometimes I do and sometimes I think we look so different. When we were young we looked very similar.

  2. Hey Angie! You and your sister look soooo much a like! Do you get that often??
    How neat was it that baby Finley got to meet her great-grandparents – very sweet!
    Things are pretty status quo here – eating and sleeping and trying to figure out how to get outside of the home w/o disrupting her “schedule” (though there really isn’t a schedule….).
    We did make a 3 1/2 hour road trip to visit grandparents (Rick and I’s parents) earlier this week. The first 2 1/2 hours in the car went smoothly then we stopped for a feeding and after that it was down hill….. We think Corrine was just tired of being in her car seat.
    Each day is different and we try to embrace that and go with the flow.
    Couple of questions Rick and I have been asking:
    1. When it is nap time/bedtime/nighttime and after Corrine is feed, changed, and in a safe place, how long do you let a baby cry? Do you let a newborn cry?
    2. When do babies start having more awake time? During the day I try to feed, have some awake time, and then go down to sleep. At night, I try to feed and place Corrine back to bed…..
    But when do you start to increase awake time during the day.
    I’ve looked online and googled things and have found all sorts of different responses…
    Anyways, I hope all is well!! keep posting pictures of sweet Finley!

    • Hi Stina! We had a very similar experience with traveling this weekend (as I explain in my most recent post). It makes me nervous to travel again 😦
      Our bedtime routine starts around 9pm. She gets a clean diaper, gets swaddled, and eats. Most of the time she eats for at least twenty minutes and falls asleep in my arms. Ten minutes later, I transfer her into the pack ‘n play which is around 10pm. She normally wakes to feed around 1:30am and again at 4:00am.
      I try to not let her cry but catch her and feed her before she gets upset. I had read that crying is a late state of hunger so I try to avoid it.
      As for awake time, I don’t have her follow a schedule as of now, but someone at my Mother Baby Hour mentioned the book The 90 Minute Solution. This suggests that during the day, babies are awake for 90 minute stretches. I’m thinking about buying that book and seeing how that works in a month or two when I want to start “training” Finley.
      There are SO many different theories about sleeping, eating, etc. – I find it overwhelming! But I do like hearing what works for other moms so feel free to share what’s working for you and Corrine!

      • Angie! Thanks for the app recommendation, Relax Melodies, we’ll try it out this weekend as we’re planning a another visit to the grandparents!
        Our night time schedule is very similar… bedtime begins b/t 7p-9p, depending on the previous feed and nap times, diaper change, pjs, feed, and then swaddle (if we swaddled for feedings, she would just fall asleep – sometimes we have to completely undress her to keep her awake!). We try and have her feed on both sides but sometimes she just isn’t interested. If that’s the case, I’ll pump to help with the fullness of the second side. And right now she is sleeping at night time anywhere b/t 3 to 4 1/2 hours (but as soon as I type that, she’ll want to feed every 2 hours tonight 😉 )
        During the day though we try to feed, have awake time/tummy time for about 60-90min, and then sleep….
        We’re having a lot of fun with Corrine and can’t believe how much she changes each day.
        I’ve joined/downloaded snap chat and see that you and B are friends… In the near future, I may photo bomb you a pic of Corrine 🙂

        Keep posting!!


        • Finley sometimes falls asleep while eating too, but normally she’s been going at it for at least ten minutes so I don’t wake her. But if I want to, a diaper change always works 🙂
          I realized later you were asking about crying at night, not during the day. We’ve been doing everything possible to stop her from crying: swaddling (always!), white noise, holding her on her side, bouncing, walks, and even putting her in the car seat and putting it on the dryer in the dark. It can be so frustrating when nothing seems to work, but luckily we’ve only had three rough nights getting her to sleep.
          It is fun, isn’t it? It is incredible how quickly they change and grow. Yesterday I was sticking my tongue out and making noises and she started sticking hers out! Try it with Corrine – I heard even brand new babies can mimic some facial expressions.
          We’re friends on Snapchat now! I’ll Finley photobomb you and Bridget right now 🙂 I expect at least one back today.

    • Since I haven’t met either of you in person – it’s prob just the hair 🙂 I bet you love being an aunt as my brother has loved being an uncle!

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