…my pretty, sleepy baby has been stealing my heart (better than “melting my heart” Brody?)


…we were lame and did nothing remotely patriotic for the 4th of July. We did eat corn on the cob – does that count?

…Moose got a Thundershirt, and it works!


…Brody, his mom (who is visiting from Ohio), Finley, and I ate at Stalzy’s, and I finally tried their corned beef Reuben – so amazing and incredibly buttery.


…(speaking of food) Brody grilled some yummy sausages, including green chorizo, from Underground Meat. Such an awesome butcher shop!

…I need coffee but not too much since I’m nursing.


…I have realized I NEED a nap almost every day. I didn’t have the chance to nap Friday or Saturday, and let’s just say I was a big old hot mess Saturday night.

What’s something you’ve been up to recently?

2 thoughts on “Recently

  1. She is so darling! Seriously. It’s hard to believe you can love a little being so much, but they definitely steal hearts. =) Annnnnnnnd that thunder-shirt is hilarious…but they really do work! My sister-in-law used to use one when her dog would get anxious.

    • It is incredible how your love for them grows even bigger every day.
      I didn’t know anyone who had ever tried the Thundershirt, so I was very skeptical about the it. I was thrilled it helped calm Moose!

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