Finley Photo Dump

Now I get it – taking (and posting some) pictures of your kid is inevitable. While Brody and I haven’t overwhelmed our Facebook pages with beautiful, adorable, incredible (I could go on) pictures of Finley, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been taking lots of them.

I always have my iPhone on hand, so I’ve been accumulating photos of Finley over the last week and a half. While I want to do baby updates, I thought I’d give everyone a visual baby fix with a handful of images from her first ten days in the world.

Only a day old – many people commented how she didn’t really look like a newborn with such defined features (probably partially due to being a c-section baby)

Brody and Finley bonding – he was likely telling her about the Blackhawks and how she was born after they won the fifth game of the series against the Bruins

It’s for real – the five S’s in The Happiest Baby on the Block seriously work

Our family ready to go home – after a few days at the hospital (she was born late Wednesday night and went home Saturday at noon), we were ready to start our life together

Finley in her car seat for the first time – she did well but we learned she needs to wear her baby mittens to avoid scratching her face

Pre-diaper changing session – right after this, she peed for the first time while I was changing her (which I have since learned is something she likes to do)

Brody and Finley celebrating the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup – Brody believes she was the Hawks good luck charm

A quick pic took to send to Aunt Laura – we’ll be visiting her and seeing her new house on Sunday

On Wednesday, we took a family walk (dogs included) to Orange Leaf – Finley needed to be shown the place we’ll be visiting at least once a week this summer

Babies get themselves into the cutest poses – I swear I didn’t position her like this

Finley was not into getting her picture taken – she is eight days old here

My mom and Finley – she came to stay with us for Wednesday and Thursday and was more than happy to help out while Brody was at work (hold Finley, laundry, vacuum, dishes, etc.)

Finley mid-yawn – she is such a good sleeper

Brody and I give Finley lots of kisses every day – we love her so much already

Have a fantastic Monday!


10 thoughts on “Finley Photo Dump

      • Oh I definitely think so…that was the first thing that came to mind. I can’t tell who Mila looks like yet….you know how you never think you look like your sibling but EVERYONE else says you do? Well, I think that’s the same thing with Jeremy and Lauren…I can’t tell who she looks like because I know them so well, you know what I mean?

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