We Are Parents




At 11:53pm on Wednesday, June 19, Brody and I welcomed Finley Marie to the world. We are happy, healthy, and exhausted.

More details and pictures to come!


16 thoughts on “We Are Parents

    • Thanks Kristina! I am hoping to post about the experience today…however it is my first time home with her alone for an extended period of time, so we’ll see how much I get done 🙂
      I hope you’re doing we’ll and hanging in there. Any funny questions or comments from well-meaning friends/family? Trying any induction techniques?

      • It has to be an exciting and exhausting time in your household!!! Is family there? Are they planning on coming?? if your family is anything like mine, they’ve had their bags packed for a few weeks just waiting for THE phone call 🙂

        My original due date was for tmr but the doctor’s changed it to 6/18 due to some earlier ultrasound measurements so, i’m either a week over or just getting to my due date. I have a ultrasound and nonstress test tmr…….
        I’ve been walking lots and eating really, really spicy foods but i don’t feel much different (during one of my walks, I had a woman yell out at me “when you due, mama??? so that was pretty funny). I’ve also been told about the different pressure points specifically the ones on the inside of the ankle and on the hands that are suppose to help but i’ve applied pressure and no luck.
        I just need to be more patient 🙂 The Babe seems pretty content where he/she is though…..

        • I heard you’re in labor Mama! Good luck!!!! You’ll do awesome, and I can’t wait for pictures 🙂
          My mom is here right now and staying for a few days. Brody’s mom is coming from July 3-8. It’s nice to have another set of hands while Brody’s at work. Will you have family stay with you?

  1. I just clicked over from Clean Eating Chelsey and wanted to say Congrats! And then I saw the name and smiled – except for one letter, Finley and I are name twins! And then I saw Woodman’s on your “to-do” list from a few posts back and realized you must be in Wisco 🙂 Small world! Enjoy your beautiful baby! I will have to check back for an update in the next few days/weeks!!

    • Hey Kinley! Love your name, and not just because it’s so close to my daughter’s 🙂
      Fellow Wisconsinite – yah! Are you originally from WI?
      I also would love to one day run a sub-2 half, but who knows when I’ll get back into training. I kind of have my eye on the Madison half in November but that would be one I train and run for fun. Are you training for a race right now?
      Thanks for stopping by!

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