First Afternoon of Summer

First and most importantly, I want you all to know I celebrated National Donut Day yesterday. I couldn’t decide on just one donut, so I had two halves.

So good and tasted great with a little iced coffee.

Yesterday around 12:30pm, I graded my last final exam. My fifth full year of teaching was complete. It felt awesome but weird.

Next year I’ll be taking off the entire first semester to stay home with Baby. Knowing I wouldn’t be back in the building or seeing my students and coworkers for many months was surreal. I had many colleagues stop by to make sure I made it, wish me good luck, and chat about pregnancy/birth/kids. I will miss working but know I’ll enjoy being a stay at home mom for a little while.

It’s always a funky transition from the go-go-go of the end the year to the beginning of summer. I literally walked in to my house and had NOTHING to do. Truly nothing.

So what did I do?

I took a nap here.


I talked on the phone with this pretty lady (who is due with her second boy in two weeks!).


I went to the dog park.


I ate an amazing dinner with Brody al fresco: steak from Jacobson Brothers and grilled veggies.


I read a little of Gone Girl before turning the lights out at 10pm.


As I said on Facebook, I am so proud of Baby for listening to my request and waiting to make her grand entrance. But now she can come – we’re ready. Like, maybe tomorrow…

Any teachers out there get what I’m saying about the transition into summer?
How would you spend an afternoon with nothing to do?
Do you eat outside often during the summer? Favorite outdoor meal?

2 thoughts on “First Afternoon of Summer

    • I’m honestly not far enough into it to say, but I swear everyone I know who has read it loved it. I’m hoping to read a lot today with the rain and storms likely coming.

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