Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Phew! We all made it through another week. Sometimes Friday seems so far away on Monday morning.

Baby and I also made it through another week together, which is good because I’m not full-term yet. Soon though. Very soon.

How far along? 36 weeks and 3 days.

Baby’s size? She’s a honeydew this week – approximately 17.5 – 19 inches and still 4.2-5.8 lbs. My fundus measurement yesterday was 37cm, so she grew a little more.

Weight gained? Between 20-25 lbs. I didn’t gain any this last week, so I’m thinking I’ve topped off. I’ve heard some women even lose a few pounds at the end, not that I really care. I’m very happy with my healthy weight gain.

Stretch marks? None.

Sleep? Now that it’s warmed up a little, it has been fantastic to sleep with the windows open. I still am up way more times than I’d like, but it’s not disrupting my daytime living.

Best moment(s) this week?I laughed the hardest when my coworker and fellow carpooler, Dave, presented me (or us, the carpool) with an Emergency Transportation Delivery Kit. Our drive is about thirty minutes, and if by chance Baby needs to come out, we are prepared: apron, forceps, sponge, ear plugs, and latex gloves.

Same picture from last post

Two days later, he brought an updated kit which included brandy wine (more for me than Dave), a garbage bag, and paper towels.

I will miss my two carpoolers next year when I’m home for first semester!

Miss anything? Regular clothes, beer (and not just a sip or two), stomach sleeping, and running.

Looking forward to? School being done (T minus 10 instructional days!!!), summer, and of course the big one: meeting Baby!

Movement? She is still quite active. Considering how cramped it’s got to be in there, she kicks me a lot. My left bottom ribs are a little sore actually.

Food cravings? Iced coffee, tortilla chips, and green monster smoothies.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing really. My blood pressure was again normal – yah!

Exercise? I did make it to the cardio class Saturday morning (and was the only pregnant person there), got to the dog park twice, and did 30 minutes on the elliptical one day. Not too bad.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? Some Braxton Hicks and a handful of twinges down there. Nothing consistent or concerning.

Symptoms? I think I “dropped” on Wednesday; there’s a little more room for me to breathe. As I mentioned before, I have some minor swelling, and my feet ache by the end of the day.

Belly button in or out? Out, and you can see it through shirts.

Wedding rings on or off Off at night and on during the day. Most of the swelling in my hands is at night, and the swelling in my feet happens at the end of the day.

Other pregnancy/baby news:
-My fellow Wine & Recipe pregnant friend, Amber, had her second child this week. They chose to not find out the gender, and they had a boy! No word yet on the name but there was a cute picture of Baby and Dad.
-I finished all of my thank you notes from my last shower (which I still need to upload photos from and do a post) but just need to buy stamps.
-As I’ve shared, all the clothes are washed and now need to be organized. A friend suggesting hanging most of it, and Brody and I both agree that’s a good idea. We’ll be able to see most things and hopefully use most of the clothes we have been given. I think we’ll still fold the white onesies though and put those in a drawer.

And to finish up, I have some questions for the mamas out there. To them and everyone else, have a great weekend!

-Does our clothing organization sound like a reasonable plan?
-Do you recommend stocking the freezer with leftovers and/or pre-made meals?
-How many burp cloths are necessary?
-Do most newborns need to wear disposables or is there a chance she’ll be able to wear the cloth diapers right away?
-Should I buy a big thing of wipes or a small container in case she reacts to that brand?
-How many crib sheets should we have? Is three okay?
-How many nursing tanks would you recommend?


10 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

  1. It’s so nice you’ll be off the first semester! What a treat. =) Your organization sounds great, we hung up most of Kenzie’s clothes except for white onesies & “outfits” with jeans and stuff, so we wouldn’t forget what was a set. We bought a little plastic 3 drawer organizer (like $10 at walmart?) for socks, burp cloths, and bibs…but our space was very limited! Honestly, I don’t think stocking the freezer is necessary…they really do sleep A LOT when they’re newborns and you get a little bored if you can believe that. Maybe a meal or two just in case? Have at least 10 burp cloths so when they’re inevitably all dirty you have extra. We stashed 1 in each room for those random little spit up moments, so you don’t have to run around searching! I would definitely go with disposables at least the first 2 weeks…that meconium is some nasty stuff! I may have told you this before, but I loved Pamper’s Swaddlers. I’ll definitely be using them again with Baby B, they were so soft and I had the fewest “blowouts” with them. If you’re concerned about a reaction to wipes, I would just buy the sensitive ones right away. I used those mostly anyway…but I would get the more expensive heavy-duty ones (you really get what you pay for with wipes), at least for the first couple weeks because, like I said, that meconium is nasty stuff. For crib sheets, I only ever had 2 sets, you’ll be fine. Not sure about nursing tanks since I exclusively pumped for 6 months with McKenzie! Hope that’s helpful! Don’t worry too much, all they really “need” is a blanket & a boob, you sound very prepared! Can’t believe she’ll be here so soon…home stretch lady! πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much! We definitely do not have enough burp cloths, so that’s on our list now. I ended up buying Huggies sensitive wipes (hopefully they hold up to the meconium!) and three nursing tanks at Target.
      Good call about the meals. My mom and Brody’s mom will be visiting for a handful of days (separately), so they can always cook for us then.
      Have a great weekend!

  2. you are looking great momma! hanging clothes is a great idea. i made a lasagna and put it in the freezer. that will last us 2-3 nights. frozen pizzas or boxed dinners are handy and easy. i just didnt have alot of energy to stand in kitchen prepping meals. but since you energy, why not freeze a few meals? I have 6 burp clothes. really, anything works, a dish towel even should laundry get behind. I would plan on disposable diapers in the beginning. baby poops nasty, black, tar like poopies for the 1st wk or so. Sensative wipes or a non scented wipe should work fine. always best to buy small portions in beginning, even in diapers. with Austin we started w/Huggies, but I didnt like their brand once I stared using them. Changed to Pampers ever since. 3 crib sheets are fine. they dont make messes in the vrib til they are older, closer to potty training or if she gets to much to drink before bed and diaper overflows. blowouts arent that common. i took home the bed pads from hospitals and put those under Austins sheets to prevent leaks going into mattress. Tanks, i bought 2, but since I prefer tanks over bras, Im going to buy probably 6-8 more. I live in them, day and night.

    • Love all the advice – thank you! I hope you are recovering nicely and enjoying bonding with Noah these first few days. He is such a cutie!
      I see myself wearing the nursing tanks a lot this summer – I picked up three at Target yesterday. I want to wait to buy nursing bras until my milk comes in so I buy the right size.
      Can’t wait to meet the little guy!!!!

  3. When I met Josh, he hung all of his clothes in the closet (except for socks and underwear because that’d be weird). He swears folding clothes is a waste of time AND hanging minimizes wrinkling, so, take that for what it’s worth πŸ™‚ Definitely freeze a few meals and have plenty of take out menus handy. I was surprised by how many people gave us meals the first week or two and although they were all delicious, I really wanted some of my “own” meals that were a bit healthier. I’d also prep for some breakfast and lunch meals (granola, muffins you can freeze, breakfast casseroles, smoothie portions). I never used burp cloths – I just used a receiving blanket or whatever was handy (usually my shirt). If you are using one-sized cloth diapers, there is a very slim chance they’ll fit unless she comes out at 9 or 10 pounds. Blair was in disposables the first few weeks until she was big enough. Plus, I didn’t want to deal with meconium in cloth. If you get unscented, sensitive skin wipes, you should be fine to buy in bulk. I just bought some of Sam’s Club’s generic sensitive wipes and they work great. Target’s are a little thin. Huggies sensitive one-and-done are my favorite. Three sheets will be fine for now. In my opinion, you can never have too many nursing tanks. I loved these from Target ( and they held up really well. I’d also get a few nighttime nursing bras – they’re SO comfortable and I wore them every night until Blair weened. If you can get through the first month or so without investing a ton in nursing bras, your cup size will be much more regulated and you’ll get the most wear from bras.

    • Thank you, thank you! I love when multiple people give me the same advice because then I know they’re on to something πŸ™‚ Good call on the breakfast items. I’ve had the urge to bake recently so I should make some healthy muffins last weekend.

  4. Mom and I can definitely make some meals for you and Brody! I make some pretty rockin freezer burritos… πŸ™‚ looks like all your blogger friends have really good advice! I’m sure you’ll have lots of helpful advice when I need it, haha that will be awhile I’m sure… Let me know what you’re craving when the time comes!

    • Thanks! I realize there’s not really the chance that we go hungry – Costco is only half a mile away and they have tons of quick meals. But it will nice to have some in the freezer.

  5. I know I’m late on this one– but here’s my two cents. On the diapers/wipes– I bought a big box of Pampers sensitive wipes off Amazon, we went thru them quickly. We also are using Pampers Swaddlers, and through all 3 sizes we’ve been through that’s what has always fit her the best. (We’ve tried Luvs and Huggies and didn’t like them as much.) I got 2 nursing tanks at Target (that I mostly wear to bed now)– but I would strongly suggest the Bravado! nursing bras. I put one on after wearing a Target one and couldn’t believe how much more comfortable it was– especially during that beginning phase. They’re a bit pricier, but you won’t regret it. Happy Bambino in Monona carries them, so you could go and get fitted there now. Once I knew what size I was I ordered another on Amazon, and then a couple more “bra” like ones (still with no wires) that I could wear with lower-cut tops. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks Jess! We also went with the Pampers Swaddlers – I’ve heard from multiple people they are the best. Glad to hear they worked well with you guys too! I think I will go with a nicer nursing bra. In general I don’t like any of Target’s bras, so I can’t see why I’d like their nursing ones. Maybe, if Baby isn’t here yet, I’ll go to Happy Bambino next weekend.
      Hope you had a nice weekend!

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