How To Cut a Mango

I recently posted a link to Skinnytaste’s Slow Cooked Jerk Pork with Caribbean Salsa. The salsa includes mango, and a fellow blogger, Liz, asked how I cut mangos. My ridiculous response in the comments section prompted me to write this post. Thanks Liz!

Start by holding the mango the skinny way (flatter sides facing to the left and right).

Cut off the two sides as close to the flat sides of the pit as possible.


You will be left with the pit and some flesh around the outside of it.

Use a sharp knife to cut through the flesh but not the skin making squares and triangles.


Push the half inside outside.


No photo of the next step but you cut off the chunks of mango getting as close to the skin as you can. At this step, you will often find me eating off the small pieces of mango the knife missed.

Almost done now!

Cut off the sides along the edges of the pit.


Run the knife between the flesh and the skin.


Cut the smaller “moons” of flesh into chunks.

There may be some flesh still on the pit, so you may be able to get a little more by cutting close to the pit. If you’re like me, you might go animal style and just eat the remaining juicy fruit off the pit.

There you have it – my technique for cutting a mango.

It takes me about five minutes from start to finish, and it is so worth the time. I’ve never bought pre-cut mango, but it always looks horribly dry and is more expensive. During the winter months, I often have a bag of frozen mango from TJ’s in my freezer to get my mango fix. It is my favorite fruit!

Good luck in your mango cutting and eating!


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