Babymoon in NYC – Day Two

Whoa life! I got busy these last two weeks with grading (end of the quarter), appointments, meetings, etc. But I’m back to finish sharing the details of our amazing vacation!

Friday morning, we got up early and walked the few blocks to Balthazar for a quick breakfast.

Pain at chocolat and Stumptown coffee (LOVE this coffee) – breakfast of champions. Surprisingly this kept my belly happy for over four hours, which included lots of walking.

After breakfast, Brody and I did a little shopping, including to the baby store Giggle.

They didn’t have a ton of clothes, but we thought this onesie, matching hat, and rattle were cute. Funny story: When we got home on Sunday, we had a box from Giggle on our doorstep. My SIL and her boyfriend sent us a gift…including a dress in the EXACT SAME PATTERN. It’s even better because Brody picked out the pattern. Brother and sister have the same taste!

We did lots of walking then:

Past 30 Rock…

And through Central Park.

My friend Nicole (who ran with me for a few miles of the Haunted Hustle in 2011) moved out to New York a couple years ago to work for Tory Burch. We were able to meet her for lunch in the West Village at Joseph Leonard. We had so much fun catching up and hearing about her life in NYC.

For my meal, I started with broccoli cheese soup – good broccoli flavor and not too cheesy.

For the main course, I had this incredible kale salad with pickled onions, hard boiled eggs, and breadcrumbs. My diet had been lacking in greens, and this meal made up for it. I ate every bite.

Our dinner reservations weren’t until almost 9pm, so we met up with another Madison friend who lives in New York for drinks (club soda for me) for what turned into three hours.

Now, for one of the best part of the trip: dinner at Momofuko Ko, one of David Chang’s restaurants. With only twelve seats and a meal that lasts two hours, it is not easy to get in, but Brody managed to get reservations.

Brody snapped a photo of me early on during dinner, and I’m happy he did. Apparently there’s a no-photo policy at Ko. Good thing I didn’t even try to take any food photos – the lighting was horrible anyway. What wasn’t horrible was the food and the experience. For a set price, you are served twelve different courses and get to watch the chef and sous-chefs prepare it all right in front of you. I’ll spare you the detailed list of the twelve we ate, which Brody helped me record the next morning at breakfast, and just tell you about two.

The most unique dish was one with Riesling jelly, lychee fruit, and caramelized pine nuts with frozen grated foie gras over the top. It was such a strange but cool combination of foods.

One of my two favorite dishes, though, was one that’s been on the menu since Ko opened: soft-boiled egg, American caviar, mini potato chips, and a few garnishes. Runny eggs are the best.

Even though the portions were relatively small and the meal took over two hours, we were definitely full when got in a cab at 11pm.

Upon arriving back at the hotel, we were greeted by a platter of goodies!

One of Brody’s clients had this spread put out for us – how nice! Although the last two courses were dessert, Brody had a chocolate chip cookie and I tried a cherry cookie.

We fell asleep with smiles on our faces and happy bellies. It was a very good day in New York.

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