Babymoon in NYC – Day One

This week it was back to the real world after a great break – mostly due to a little vacation to New York City!

For Christmas, Brody went all out and booked us a trip, or what I called our babymoon, to New York. At the time it seemed like it was so far away, but it snuck up on us and now it’s over. Isn’t that how so many things go in life?

I was pretty good about snapping photos with the good old iPhone, and even got a few with our nice snap and shoot…until I somehow got a huge smear of something on the lens and Brody didn’t want to scratch it by trying to clean it with a sleeve. These will have to suffice.

We arrived Wednesday night and got a cab to our hotel. Brody booked us a room at the Mondrian in Soho; the rooms were small but very nice.

It was after eight, and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we found a little restaurant bar called Toby’s Public House and shared a chopped salad and a pizza with salami and artichokes. It wasn’t New York style pizza, but it was delicious and similar to Cafe Porta Alba. Once back at the hotel, we finished watching Argo (so good!) on the iPad and called it a night.

Although we missed out on the pizza, we did have New York bagels Thursday morning at Murray’s. I had a whole wheat everything bagel with plain cream cheese and a small coffee. It was delicious and kept me full for five hours.


Thursday morning we decided to try going to the 9/11 memorial. I had been to Ground Zero nine months after the attacks and was interested in seeing the area now. Unfortunately the wait was over an hour and a half, and we hadn’t really planned on waiting, so we nixed it. I do hope to see it one day.

To get around New York in the easiest and cheapest way, we bought the seven-day unlimited subway pass. It was $30 and so worth it. Besides needing to take a cab from and to the airport and then two other times, we used the subway.


After a mistake on the subway, we ended up very close to McSorley’s, a famous bar. Brody had told me about this place. Apparently nothing has been taken down since 1910, including the wishbones over the light fixtures placed there by soldiers who were off to war (with the intention of taking them down and making a wish when they got home). Another interesting fact: women were not allowed in the bar until 1970 when they were forced to be accommodating to both genders.

Brody had the dark beer and then the light beer, which are the only to beer options. The dark was much better.

From McSorley’s we accidentally ended up at a beer bar Brody had read about called Blind Tiger. Although I couldn’t have a beer (or two like Brody), it was a fun bar with a nice bartender, and Brody and I enjoyed each other’s company. I also did take a few sips of his beer, an IPA by Stone, and a small taste of the smoked Porter with chili also by Stone that they had on cask.

Around 3:00pm, we arrived at The Spotted Pig. This place is pretty popular, but they don’t take reservations. Going for dinner was out of the question, so a mid-afternoon lunch was perfect, and we were seated right away.

They have a limited menu during off times, so it wasn’t too hard to decide with only a few options. I love pickled things, so we got that to start, and then we both had the burger with shoestring potatoes. Everything was delicious, and this ended up being the last meal of the day because we were so full.

To finish out our eventful day, Brody and I had tickets to see The Book of Mormon. This was a part of my Christmas present, and I was so excited. The principal at my school had told me I would love it as long as I wasn’t religious. I’m not, and I did love it.

It is extremely satirical towards organized religion, especially Mormonism (duh). We laughed out loud throughout the entire performance; it was definitely the best musical I have ever seen and hope to see it again one day.

Now that it’s been one week since this day in New York and I’ve been working on this post in ten minute increments for the last four days, I think it’s time to hit publish. Two more days to come!

Have you been to New York? If so, what did you do? Did you have any “New York style” food?
What’s your favorite big city to visit?

4 thoughts on “Babymoon in NYC – Day One

  1. McSorleys sounds like a great history lesson! Cool that you accidentally got there. Looks like fun (even though you couldn’t drink beer)!

  2. Sounds like a great vacation! I haven’t been to NYC since I was in about 3rd grade. I’ve been dying to go back! Do you know if the lines to see Ground Zero are always that long?

    • You gotta go! There’s so much to do even if you’re not into the touristy stuff (which I am not). Maybe go there for a race-cation (I made that word up). Not sure about the lines – we didn’t get there until 11am, so maybe the lines are shorter earlier.

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