Being a “Good” Pregnant Person

I pride myself on being a positive, optimistic person. Almost to a fault. I want to believe that everyone has my/their/everyone’s best intentions in mind. Often times this means I am gullible and slightly naive.

On my drive home from work, a bar on Main Street posts funny phrases or jokes on their signage. The one that’s been up there for a while says something like “If you say gullible really slowly, it sounds like oranges.” Wouldn’t you know it, but I tried it the first time I read it.

My naivety, of course, carried over into my pregnancy. I thought I’d be a “good” pregnant person. Even the fact that I thought there was such a thing as a “good” pregnant person demonstrates my naivety. So, what did that mean to me?

1) I’d be able to run through most of my pregnancy. While I’ve been able to stay active (walking, group fitness classes, elliptical), the running officially ended around week 24. I miss the sweating and the feeling of tired legs the next day. 

2) I wouldn’t experience any of the icky, unpleasant side effects of pregnancy (e.g. varicose veins anywhere, nausea, frequent trips to the bathroom, etc.). I’ve talked about these before, so no need to rehash.

3) I would gain a healthy and not excessive amount of weight and then drop it quickly post-birth. Well this one I don’t know if I have “failed” at yet, but I have been lucky in that I haven’t gained too much for my frame and haven’t been retaining water.

4) I would eat well (even better than pre-pregnancy with lots of vegetables and limited sugar) to give my baby the best nutrition and a variety of tastes while in the womb and not need to take the three-hour glucose test because I failed the first one. It’s not that vegetables don’t taste good, I just don’t think to make and eat them. This and my sugar intake are completely in my control – like many people, I don’t always make the best choices. As for the failed test, read below.

Yesterday, my doctor’s office called to say that my glucose levels were slightly elevated. The top of the range is 140, and mine came back at 155. This means I have to go in tomorrow morning on an empty stomach, chug more orange sugar water, and get my blood taken a few times. Also, I obviously cannot eat for three hours. My “I suck at being pregnant” and “This doesn’t happen to ‘good’ pregnant women” moment happened soon after this news.

After a little research at home, I realized that it’s not all that uncommon for glucose levels to be high, and that having a high number on this test does not mean I will test positive for gestational diabetes. Also, I know that having gestational diabetes is not the end of the world but may require some editing to my eating habits. Lastly, gestational diabetes, when controlled, does not affect the baby and should go away on the mother’s end after birth.

Still, there’s that little part of me that’s bummed. Some of these feelings could likely be attributed to hormones, but some of it might also be my unrealistic expectations being brought back down to reality. Pregnancy is hard; giving birth will be hard; being a mom will be even harder. Maybe this is all in preparation for the rest of the hard stuff to come.

Finally, I cannot write a post like this and not make this clear: I am SOOOO lucky to be pregnant with a healthy, growing baby, and to have an amazing husband, a great (small) family, and wonderful friends. I love my life and do not take it for granted.

6 thoughts on “Being a “Good” Pregnant Person

  1. Pregnancy IS hard. It’s hard in every single aspect. You can make the best plans and decisions but there are certain mystery factors that are just out of our control. For what it’s worth, I’m SHOCKED I passed the glucose tests with both girls because I was a sugar and carb FANATIC. Enjoy this time, really!

    • That’s part of it also – the control. I’m trying to do the best things for my body and baby, but obviously some aspects I can’t do anything to influence. It’s weird to not be in control of my body. Thanks for the words of wisdom 🙂

  2. I think we all have good intentions when we are pregnant. When I was pregnant with Austin, I weighed more to begin with, didn’t work out and sat behind a desk for 10hrs a day. I gained 55lbs! (although, I was eating nothing but fruits and veggies. But my quantities were huge, duh). So I swore, I would not let that happen this time around. I weighed far less than the 1st time around, exercised daily and always ate right. Well, in the beginning we are exhausted, so I got lazy. Then the dark of winter set in and I didn’t want to go out at night to the gym. Next thing you know, I’m no longer working out. Not even walking daily b/c, well…no longer have the dog. Which has alot to contribute to my mood and desire to do much of anything. Needless to say, I probably eat less than prior preg. b/c I’m busy w/1st kiddo, however lack of exercise has KILLED me! Back and hip BURN has set in about 24 wks and I have already put on 35lbs, with 7 wks to go. I had good intentions, however life just got in the way. I must tell you girl, you look AMAZING! Be proud, you are doing a great job!

    • You did have a rough winter, and I totally feel you about getting out of the habit of working out. You are so close though! And with summer right around the corner, it’ll be easier to get outside for walks (at least that’s what I’m hoping).
      Thanks for the kind words! I do feel pretty good about how my body is responding to growing a human (aside from the icky varicose veins).

  3. Hey, I just recently found your blog and just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel. Around the the time I took the glucose test, the nurse and doctor got concerned about the sugar in my urine, said that I had gained 9 lbs in a month and gave me the whole lecture about watching for empty calories, etc. I felt so defeated because I had been trying my best to be healthy with eating and exercise (as much as you can when you feel exhausted all the time). I ended up passing the test but it still made me resolve to not let the doctors make me feel bad. I’d listen to my body and try to be healthy but wouldn’t drive myself crazy with trying to do everything ‘by the book’. I also had to stop running around the same time as you – but look at it as giving you that extra motivation to get back out there after your baby is born. I know I can’t wait!

    • It’s always nice to know there are others out there who are dealing with or have dealt with similar situations and feelings. I’m glad everything came back normal for you! And I read a bunch of your blog posts and enjoyed hearing about your pregnancy experiences. Good luck in the last weeks!

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