Six for Sunday

1. I might have a hernia. I’m not sure yet because my doctor couldn’t confirm it 100%, but I am scheduled to meet with a surgeon on Friday – kind of nerve wrecking as a 27 week pregnant woman. I’m also unsure how much detail I want to go into this on my blog; we’ll see as I find out more this week.

2. On a more positive note, Brody and I brought a box of books to Half Price Books, were given $16.50 for them, and then spent $45 (after the $16.50 was subtracted) on new books. Ha! But we got a handful of baby and kids books, including a few classics.

Along with the bedding from Land of Nod, we also got some shelves (the natural wood ones).

They’ll look awesome in her room!

3. Last night we had dinner plans with our friends Andrew and Melissa. They’re so fun to hang out with and we all just click really well. We had plans to try Forequarter, but the wait was TWO HOURS! No thank you. Next we drove to A Pig in a Fur Coat, which I blogged about before, and their wait was 45 minutes. Just to see, Brody called Umami, which I also blogged about, and their wait was only 20 minutes. I love Umami and was excited to have everyone try it for the first time. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone and took no food pics, but I will tell you what we/I had: appetizers included pork and chives dumplings, chicken dumplings, beef buns (these were amazing), pulled pork buns, and for my meal I had my go-to miso ramen. Delicious!

4. Today I went to Babies R Us with a neighbor, Robin, to register.

Brody and I decided on most of the big stuff together (car seat, strollers, swing, bouncer, etc.) and put those items on our Amazon registry, so today was for the smaller items. I asked my neighbor because she has four kids (the youngest being 9 months), and Brody was cool with it.
Before picking up Robin, I printed off a registry checklist but ended up using the one Babies R Us gave me.

Robin was so helpful! She gave advice as to what brands work best for her and the boys (yup, four boys) and how many of each item I really need. Even though I had a bunch of stuff already picked out for the Amazon registry, it still took us two hours to go through the store. Here are some of the items I picked: Summer SwadleMe, aden + anais swaddle blankets and burp bibs, Boppy pillow, Avent bottles, Carter’s white onesies, and a quilted sheet for the pack n’ play. There were some items I didn’t like the selection of (e.g. Boppy covers) and some that I’ll buy on my own (e.g. disposable nursing pads). I also noted on our registry that we are not doing pink decor, and hopefully this will deter people from buying us lots of pink stuff.

5. The weather this weekend has been crappy: rain, rain, rain, and some snow tonight. While it’s great that lots of the snow is gone, it has also meant no trips to the dog park this weekend. Sad puppies (and dirty floor).


6. Brody and I finished the day out with some shopping: Costco, Sherwin Williams, and the grocery store. We also cleaned out the nursery even more. Sadly, we did not get around to bathing the dogs. I’m sure they don’t care, but they are getting a little ripe.

Have a good night!


5 thoughts on “Six for Sunday

  1. oh no! i will cross my fingers that all is ok with your potential hernia. not fun.

    i was so worried that we wouldn’t get the pups to the dog park this weekend, but i managed to get myself up on saturday morning to let them run out their energy at the park for an hour. with the weather coming our way, i’m not sure how much we’ll make it there this week!

    • Thanks Sarah! I was super freaked out on Friday but I’m feeling better about everything now.

      You were smart, and I’m sure Jake and Capone appreciated it. It wasn’t too bad Saturday morning – I should’ve gone too. The weather looks nice Wed and Thurs – we should meet up at the park one of these days!

    • Ya, I’d like to think the surgeon will say its not a hernia, but I’m pretty certain it is 😦 I don’t even know what good news would be: surgery now? surgery after birth? a scheduled C-section because I can’t push? I’m just looking forward to having some answers. Thanks for the kind words!

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