Bowlin’ for Colons Charity Event

On Sunday of this weekend, Brody and I participated in a charity event called Bowlin’ for Colons, which raises money for colon cancer through the UW Carbone Cancer Center. Lots of bowling alleys in the Madison area participate for people to just stop in, but our friend reserves Ten Pin Alley and promises to fill it with friends and family. He has loads of connections (honestly, he knows people EVERYWHERE he goes) and a bigger family. This was our second year bowling and supporting this great organization.

For three games of bowling and a t-shirt, it’s $35 a person. There is also a raffle; Brody and I bought 25 tickets but sadly didn’t win anything.

These were the shirts.

Such a fun color! Last year they were kelly green. Brody ordered me a large – apparently he thought I’d be bigger at this point in my pregnancy. It’s all good, though; it’ll make a good sleeping shirt when I am bigger.

Our team also included Jena (Wine and Recipe friend) and Matt, a friend of Brody’s he met through his involvement in United Way. We had a fun team and were all very supportive – lots of high fives and cheers.

Jena started out strong!

Look at that form.

I made Brody take a picture with me. He was drinking a bloody, and I had a Diet Coke. Jena and I later ordered virgin bloodies. I really wanted one just for the olives and pickles.

A good but blurry pic.

I wasn’t being modest when I said Jena started out strong – check out those final scores.

Am I embarrassed by my incredibly low score? Not really. It was all in good fun, and I’m not a very competitive person anyways. I got better with each game though; the score of my last game was 109.

The event started at 10am, and by 11:30am and after two intense games, we were all hungry.

This bowling alley pizza was pretty good! I had two pieces, which fueled me through another game.

We finished our games around 12:30pm, but before we all went on our ways, I forced me team to take a picture.

Yeah for raising money and having fun!

If you live in the Madison area, consider giving this event a shot next year!

What organizations do you like to support (with time, money, or events)?
Are you a bowler? Worst and/or best score?


4 thoughts on “Bowlin’ for Colons Charity Event

  1. AHhhh, we were gonna start a Mu Beta Beta party called this same thing! I guess we aren’t as clever as we thought πŸ™‚ Looks fun, I like bowling and we rarely ever do it….like its been years. Have a great weekend!

    • I’m sure you can still use the name. Brody had an idea of doing a bags tournament for prostate cancer and having some catchy/slightly inappropriate name – you could do that instead!

  2. My first comment! Thanks for not sharing how the rest of my bowling went. πŸ™‚ See you this week my friend! πŸ™‚

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