Pregnancy Update: Week 26

Hello! Before I head to dinner with Brody to meet up with another couple (who are also expecting their first, and a girl like us!), I wanted to check in with a baby update.

How far along? Week 26 will be done on Monday.

Baby’s size? She is a head of lettuce. Her eyes are starting to open now!

Weight gained? I weighed myself one morning this week, and I’ve gained around ten pounds.

Stretch marks? No, and hopefully it will stay that way.

Sleep? Some night were better than others this week. Falling asleep is no problem (ask Brody who has to listen to me snore a minute after closing my eyes), but I wake up to any little sound or movement. Last night was a good night though: fell asleep on the couch at 9pm, went up to be at 10:15pm, woke up around midnight to pee, up at 4:30am again, and then up for good at 7am.

Best moment this week? Brody and I switched over a bunch of items in my Wish List on Amazon in to the registry. Most of the big stuff (BOB running stroller, Liteway stroller, swing, bouncer, etc.) are on Amazon, and I’ll be registering the smaller stuff at Babies R Us. We also purchased our bedding.

Isn’t it adorable? It’s from the Land of Nod collection through Crate and Barrel. Once it arrives, we’ll be able to pick out the paint color (we’re now thinking a pale yellow). It’ll be fun to see the nursery start to come together.

Miss anything? I haven’t officially given up running, but it’s been a week since my failed attempt. It could’ve just been the day, so I want to give it another shot. This morning in a cardio class, running in place felt awesome and made me crave real running. I also got a little jealous when I saw a bunch of my running friends met in the Arb and did 6 miles this morning.

Movement? She continues to move around, and I’m noticing it more during the day now. Her kicks or punches actually woke me up last night also for a second.

Food cravings? I like tortilla chips (the ones from Chipotle are to die for), pears, and orange juice. I have been having a glass of orange juice most mornings, with ice. Anyone else love orange juice with ice?

Anything making you queasy or sick? Car rides still aren’t the best, but no episodes like a couple weeks ago. I have been getting some mad heartburn lately, though. I carry a baggie of Tums with me wherever I go. Can someone OD on Tums? I hope not.

Gender? Girl.

Labor signs? None.

Symptoms? Round ligament pain, heartburn, and some tiredness are what I’ve been feeling lately. We have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday night, and hope she tells me the discomfort I’ve been feeling from the round ligament is normal.

Belly button in or out? It’s still kind of an innie but it looks different. I wonder if I’ll ever have a full-blown outie.

Wedding rings on or off? On – no water retention (knock on wood).

Happy or moody? Happy but normally tired by Thursday – I wish the weekend came one day earlier.

Exercise? I made it to BodyPump twice this week, walked with the dogs at the park twice, and then did an hour and twenty minutes BodyStep/Attack class this morning. I actually worked up a little bit of a sweat at it too!

Looking forward to? I am excited to get the bedding, for our doctor’s appointment on Thursday (hearing the heartbeat), and for all of the dinners we have with friends coming up.

Until next time (which will be a Wine and Recipe post – I have good and easy recipes to share)!


15 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 26

  1. Love, love, love that bedding! So cute! Are those your Gap maternity leggings? Do you like them? I need a new pair of leggings, but the ones at Motherhood had a full belly panel up to the boobs. Haha. Not see-through at all?

    • They are Gap maternity and SO worth the $30! Not see through at all and they don’t go over your belly. I love them. My top is Old Navy and was on sale for $10 I think. I haven’t been to Motherhood Maternity yet – do you like their stuff?

  2. You look adorable! So, is Jena having a girl? Love the bedding! Birds are also the theme I picked for a girl, only vintage/cottage chic/antique. Fun, fun. (I gotta take up running. It does the body good! Lol!)

    • Thanks! I feel good 🙂
      Maybe this summer we can run together!
      No no, not our Jena. Jeana is my friend from high school. Isn’t that funny that I have to friends with the same name pregnant? Jena finds out on Friday and has her gender reveal party with her family on Saturday. I am guessing boy.

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