Pregnancy Thoughts

Good afternoon! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic…partially because it included a nap each afternoon. Quick story: Brody today turned to yesterday as we both relaxed on the couch and said, “After this show, should we get up and be productive?” Without thinking I whined “Why?” like a five year old and made a super big pouty face. Ha! Naps occurred only fifteen minutes after this brief conversation.

I skipped a pregnancy update last week because the week before’s was late in the week. However, I am getting towards the end of the second trimester, and from what I’ve heard, things often start to go a little downhill from here until the end.

This week I have noticed my mood and energy levels dipping a little. A coworker and friend pointed it out (in a loving way). While I’m still enjoying being pregnant, feelings of “Hmm…maybe this isn’t all unicorns and rainbows” has seeped into my psyche.

I realize I am so lucky to be pregnant, to have had an easy pregnancy, and to have had no complications. There are sadly many people who want desperately to conceive and struggle. Brody and I weren’t sure if we’d be one of those couples, and luckily we were not. I am taking nothing for granted. Yet, there are some aspects of pregnancy that are not so fun, and I wanted to point out some of the good and not-so-good that I’ve experienced.


Bella Band
I bought this on Amazon for around $25, and it worked really well for me. Being 25 weeks along, I am still able to use it with some of my dress pants. However, I think I wear it upside-down, or at least the tag ends up being upside-down. I put the “sticky” part above my belly, and the rest of it is tight enough to stay in place. FYI: as short and fairly small girl, I bought the size 1 and it fits perfect.

Feeling her kick and punch
Man, is she getting strong! Last night she was kicking down into my pelvic floor, and that was a strange feeling. I notice her moving more at night while I watch tv or before falling asleep. She’s also active in the early morning hours but luckily isn’t strong enough to wake me up yet.

Maternity clothes from Gap and Old Navy
Is it weird that I totally love my maternity clothes? It was so great to get some hand-me-downs (mainly from Motherhood Maternity), but I am very much into Gap and Old Navy stuff. It all fits so well and is my style. Half of my non-maternity closet is from these two stores, so it makes sense I’d be happy with their maternity lines.

Picking out stuff for our registries
My college friend, Tina, compiled a document of Consumer Reports for various baby items and comments from moms she is friends with. This helped me get started with at least figuring out what we’ll need to register for and what brands to look into or avoid. I started a Wish List on Amazon, and besides Tina’s document, I have been relying on reviews on Amazon.
On Saturday we drove the hour and half to Brookfield to Buy Buy Baby. We had heard this was the best baby store around, and we needed to pick out and order the furniture. With the latest Baby Bargains book in hand, we perused bedroom sets, I changed my mind about white, and we agreed on a pine finish set by Bassett (which was given a B in Baby Bargains).

At Buy Buy Baby, we gave the Bob Stroller SE and the Chicco Liteway stroller (thanks Kristina!) a test run. We also found this super modern swing by Mamaroo, but it doesn’t have the greatest reviews on Amazon.

Along with bouncers/swings, Brody and I discussed pack n’ plays, monitors, and bedding last night.

Knowing that in fifteen weeks or less we’ll get to meet our baby
This is obviously the best part of the pregnancy. She’ll be here before we know it!


Round ligament pain
I’ve mentioned this before in my pregnancy updates, but this pain is no joke. I haven’t talked to many women who experienced this, so I wonder if it’s really not very common. On Saturday it was very intense and was even shooting down my right leg. This could’ve been sciatica also. When I am active it feels the best and almost disappears, but if I’m lying down or sitting for a while and get up, that’s when it hurts.

Worrying about stretch marks
I don’t consider myself a vain person, but I care about my appearance and have been concerned about the feared stretch marks. My doctor said to moisturize, and that’s what I’ve been doing every morning and night. The two factors I have going for me are that my mom never got them and I haven’t gained a lot of weight quickly.

NA wine
It tastes more like juice, but at least it’s red. On Saturday night, Jena (who is also expecting!) and I polished off a whole bottle of the red blend by FRE – getting wild and crazy over here! While all of the other Wine and Recipe ladies enjoyed the delicious reds I picked out (it was my turn to host – post coming soon), I watched with a little envy. Oh well. At least I had no chance of feeling hungover the next morning.

Along with the FRE brand, I have tried Ariel. As you can see, it was not a winner.

Only sleeping on my sides or back
I love sleeping on my stomach. My go-to position to fall asleep is on my stomach, head facing left, right arm under a pillow, and left arm/hand holding the blanket close to my face covering my left ear. Once I assume this position, I am out in under a minute. Fortunately I haven’t had problems falling asleep on my sides, but I know sleeping can get even worse as a pregnancy continues. I probably shouldn’t be complaining about this one because it’s not that bad.

Waddling (especially when people point it out)
First of all, I waddle when I’m not pregnant. Like my mom and sister, I have a very distinct walk. When I attended a ballet camp in Michigan one summer before 8th grade, Mia Michaels (yup, the judge and choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance) was the jazz instructor. She called me “her little Penguin.” As I get bigger and the round ligament pain persists, I see even more penguin-ness in my future.

And to end, a shot of what I see when I look down nowadays. The belly is growing!

I hope my negatives don’t come off as me complaining because they are so minor and shadowed by the positives. Women who haven’t been pregnant often say “There’s so much women don’t talk about regarding pregnancy,” and I agree. By no means am I willing to tell you everything, I can give you an insight into my experience of how I am adjusting mentally and physically to this beautiful little girl growing inside me.


9 thoughts on “Pregnancy Thoughts

    • Thanks Mel! I promise to get a side belly shot up this week.
      Oh, and I was just a wee bit jealous of your run on Sunday in the Arb. It was SO beautiful out, and I hope you had a good one.

  1. Such a cute bump! I should look into Gap and Old Navy for maternity clothes. I’ve gotten a couple from Motherhood, but they’re so darn expensive. I didn’t expect to pop so early with #2! I think shopping is so exciting. It makes it very real picking out the place the baby will sleep & the room she’ll live in. =)

  2. Keep me posted what bigger items you and Brody need šŸ™‚ so I can talk to Erin about us getting them for you! Yay little miss richter is growing!

  3. I started having horrible round ligament pain in my 2nd trimester! It was worse than I remember labor itself being with my first son, but it eventually subsided and I don’t have too much pain now. I would literally wake up with it in bed, unable to move. My biggest concern with sleeping is I can only sleep on my back which is considered a no-no. I have a nest of pillows and blankets that I sleep in trying to keep myself on my sides but I always wake up on my back with all the pillows and blankets on the floor. The baby stays pretty active though so I try not to worry šŸ™‚

    • I feel your pain! I’m glad it went away for you – I hope I’m just as lucky. I’ve also been waking up on my back, but I’m trusting that when my body doesn’t want me to anymore, I won’t sleep that way.
      Hope the other parts of your pregnancy have been going well!

  4. Great post Angie!! Are you a beer drinker (I know I’ve read in several posts about the brewery tours and such) but I’d suggest trying O’Douls Amber; usually not found in bars but easily at the grocery market. Also I’d love to hear what other baby items your friends have suggested and/or recommended!

    • I do love beer šŸ™‚ Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll have to try the amber. My friend had an NA Heineken and said it was decent. My problem is that I love a good hoppy beer, and no NA beer can satisfy that. A few little sips of Brody’s beers has been enough.

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