Banana Bread and Tuna Salad (recipes, and not to be eaten together)

On Sunday morning after our guests left, I had a bit of energy. This was strange considering I had gotten less than seven hours of sleep the night before. So while Brody relaxed and snoozed on the couch, I got to cooking and baking. Note: I crashed on the couch later and napped from 4:00-5:00pm.

I feel so productive when I can get food-related tasks completed over the weekend. It makes my life less stressful when I have a few meals planned, the items purchased, and if possible, some of the prep work done ahead of time.

During my Sunday morning trip to Woodman’s, which is my FAVORITE time to grocery shop, I picked up some goodies for the week. I got the ingredients for Oma’s casserole (Oma being Brody’s great-grandmother), turkey meatballs, and tuna salad. I grabbed a jar of marinara sauce to go with the Costco chicken and mozzarella ravioli in the freezer for an easy, quick dinner one night. Woodman’s also had large bags of slightly over ripe bananas for 99 cents. You know I picked up one of those.

Once I was ready to channel Martha Stewart, the Barefoot Contessa (with Brody as my Jeffery of course), or whoever, I first looked up banana bread recipes. Somewhere during my search, I saw a recipe for ginger banana bread and was immediately intrigued. That search brought up this recipe, and after realizing I had all of the ingredients, including the buttermilk, and didn’t need to leave the house again, I was ready to roll.


I over-baked the bread by a minute or two (however, nothing like Bridget’s over-baking experience). After thirty minutes, the toothpick was still quite wet, but I think an additional five minutes was too much. It is also possible that because of the lack of oil or butter in this recipe, it’s not going to be a super moist banana bread.

I’ve enjoyed eating a thick slice as an afternoon snack and for breakfast with some sunflower seed butter smeared on top.

As for the rest of those bananas? They were peeled, broken into chunks, and placed a in large ziplock bag for future smoothies.

While the banana bread was baking, I got to work on the tuna salad. Now Brody cannot STAND when I make and peel hard boiled eggs. He gags, makes faces, and tells me he can’t believe I eat such weird food. He behaves similarly when I occasionally eat tuna (and a long list of other foods).

And yet…he loves this tuna salad. It’s his mom’s recipe, so I get it. I also love it, so it’s a win win.

Tuna Salad

-large can of tuna packed in water (I have not tried using albacore yet – I’m worried it’ll change the flavor)

-three hard boiled eggs

-a few large spoonfuls of (Light) Miracle Whip (not mayo)

-three chunks of pickled watermelon rind, chopped as finely as possible (can be found I believe by the pickles and olives in a grocery store)

-a squirt or two of sweet pickle relish

-1/2 an onion, chopped finely

-1/2 cup of celery, chopped finely

-freshly ground black pepper

DIRECTIONS: Mix is all together and eat.

The relish and watermelon rind add an interesting sweetness to it. I hope you like it as much as Brody and I do! We had it for dinner Sunday night over toasted sesame bread and snacked on the rest of it on Monday after work.

As for Oma’s casserole, I’ll share that one another time.


Do you have a go-to banana bread or tuna salad recipe to share?

How much food prep do you do on the weekends? *I often hard boil eggs, but this weekend I also chopped green peppers for Oma’s casserole.


5 thoughts on “Banana Bread and Tuna Salad (recipes, and not to be eaten together)

  1. That is a very interesting tuna recipe. I will have to try it sometime. My tuna salad is simply mayo, lemon pepper and dill. mmmmmm. I like to make big meals and muffins and such on Sunday and freeze portions of it. Ooh the goodness of living alone. 🙂

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