Pregnancy Update: Week 22

Happy Wednesday!

I am currently on my way home from school. Unlike most other districts in the area, we did not have a snow day.

It’s not a very pretty drive. Our side hasn’t been plowed yet so it’s slow going.

Don’t worry – I am not driving.

Using Ashley’s format, I thought I’d check in again with a pregnancy update.

How far along? started week 22 yesterday

Baby’s size? papaya

Weight gained? still around 5 pounds

Stretch marks? nope, and I’ve been using Neutrogena body oil every morning and Burt’s Bees non-fragrance lotion at night on my belly

Sleep? I have been waking up on my back a lot – then I just roll over to my side again

Best moment this week? although it was last week, finding out that we’re having a girl

Miss anything? this weekend I missed hoppy beer (when my husband and friends were all drinking delicious Ale Asylum beer)

Movement? I have definitely felt kicks but not very often – darn my anterior placenta

Food cravings? salty foods especially artichokes and olives (ideally on pizza)

Anything making you queasy or sick? I felt a little off Monday morning but I don’t think pregnancy was to blame

Gender? girl!

Labor signs? nope

Symptoms? a growing belly (starting to wear some maternity clothes) and sore feet by the end of a school day

Belly button in or out? in but it looks a little different

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy of moody? happy

Looking forward to? cleaning out the room that will become the nursery and starting to make some baby purchases

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I keep forgetting to have Brody take them.

Have a good night!


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 22

    • Haha! That’s hilarious. Apparently what you eat while pregnant can affect the baby’s tastes 🙂
      Ya, I have been loving green and black olives. Tonight I am satisfying my salt craving with soy sauce (on rice and teriyaki meatballs).

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