Weekend Where, What, and Why

Where? Our family room
What? A lot is going on: JP relaxing, Bridget making faces at Callie, and Scoop feeding his son Mason
Why? We had just gotten back from lunch at Graze and the boys were hanging out before going on a private brewery tour at Karben4

Where? On the couch in our family room
What? Mason (Booger Face) and me
Why? Because he’s so darn cute (even with the green snot) and I need practice with babies


Where? Ale Asylum
What? Private brewery tour (which was very special because they don’t officially start offering tours until February)
Why? This was a late Christmas present for Brody (as was the tour at Karben4) – it was awesome and we learned a lot

Where? Ale Asylum tasting room for dinner
What? Vegetable quesadillas
Why? I needed some veggies – it hit the spot

Where? Orpheum
What? Trampled By Turtles performing
Why? Our friends from MN (Scoop and Reagan) are neighbors with the lead singer and they make “crunchy” tunes

Where? Orpheum for the Trampled By Turtles concert
What? Bridget and I unsuccessfully taking a picture
Why? Because we’re friends and we wanted proof we hung out this weekend


Where? Our kitchen
What? Making a lemon loaf (aka fat loaf) with Bridget
Why? Because we obviously hadn’t consumed enough calories (although mine didn’t come from alcohol) – there were four sticks of melted butter and eight eggs in two loaves this recipe made

Where? Our kitchen stovetop
What? Dinner (a Wine and Recipe recipe) for JP, Bridget, Brody and me
Why? We like to eat…a lot – especially when hungover and/or tired


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