We Can Now Use Pronouns Besides “It”

I won’t make you wait until the end of the post to make the big announcement.

We are very excited! Of course we would’ve been just as excited with a boy as well. It feels so good to know; I cannot imagine waiting any longer.

It was fun to find out at dinner with just the two of us (and the other two couples who were sitting very close). Brody opened it as I got teary-eyed. I had been feeling “girl” pretty strongly and Brody was thinking “boy.” My instincts were right, I guess.

We already have a girl name we’re pretty happy with, so unless something new comes up that we both like more than this one, her name is set…but we’re keeping it quiet. You’ll have to wait another 20ish weeks.

Oh man. 20 more weeks. That seems like a LONG time.

The ultrasound itself went well. We were in there for an hour getting tons of shots of various body parts and organs. The little stinker had her hands by her face most of the time, and it took a while to get pictures of the lips and nose. Good news: she has all fingers and toes, does not have club feet, and an affinity for sticking out her tongue.


I realize some of these 3D shots are a wee bit (Weebit Bridget?) creepy, but I already do a craptastic job of including photos in my posts. She kind of look like she’s smiling (in an alien kind of way).

Have a great weekend!
Angie and “The Chick” (Brody’s new nickname for our little one)


11 thoughts on “We Can Now Use Pronouns Besides “It”

      • Ha!!! I hated pink before having daughters. I even requested “no pink” of my close friends and family 🙂 It has grown on me, though. E was always more interested in pirates than princesses, which I thought was awesome. We’ve entered the Disney era, though, and I’m okay with it. B has always been much more girlie, though. She’s all about baby dolls and dress up! J was terrified to have daughters. I think E broke him in gently since she plays rough like a boy and loves digging around in the dirt.

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