“I Said Brrr…”

“It’s cold in here. There must be some Lightning in the atmosphere!”

Not sure why I’ve had such an affinity for quoting tv and movies lately, but here’s another one.

Can you name it?

Maybe if you inserted Toros instead of Lightning.

If you guessed Bring It On, you are right!

In high school, we actually used that cheer. We were cool and obviously didn’t mind that it didn’t make any sense (cold and lightning do not go together). Regardless, I thought of it because of these frigid temperatures.


Don’t those numbers make you want to curl up in a fuzzy blanket on the couch in front of the fire? I’d sip warm tea (either TJ’s vanilla cinnamon or that chai-like tea with the tiger on the box), start a book, eat grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, and take a catnap in the afternoon. In reality, I’ll spend most of the day in a high school, giving final exams, and grading until I can’t see straight. Maybe I’ll still have some tea once I get home.

I do love Wisconsin for many reasons, but these cold temperatures are not one of them. While walking the dogs this morning, I felt my nose hairs freeze – you know it’s cold when that happens. I would’ve worn my snow pants but I don’t think I can button them anymore.

Speaking of not fitting, here’s another (hopefully better) picture of me and the belly.

After my last post and belly picture, Brody informed me that it was not a very attractive photo of me. I took it in the morning when I still have bags under my eyes – I hope he realizes those bags will probably be making a semi-permanent appearance come summer. Also, I really struggle to take good selfies. Any tips?
Note: To give my lovely husband credit, he is normally extremely complimentary and didn’t hurt my feelings by being honest about that photo.

Stay warm if you’re in a cold state! If you’re not, know you’re lucky.

What’s the coldest temp (with or without wind chill) you’ve ever experienced?
What would be your perfect cold-temp-stay-inside day?
Seriously – how do I take decent pics of myself with my iPhone?

8 thoughts on ““I Said Brrr…”

  1. Holy cow. That’s cold. When we lived in Columbus, we had a cold snap when it was just above zero for a few days. It was so cold, it hurt to go outside. As far as self portraits – I suck at them. Seriously. I take them all of the time with the intention of posting them in recaps but I always look a.) crazy b.) like I weigh 50 pounds heavier or c.) like I’m really angry but trying to look happy. And the under eye bags will go away. I always blamed them (and pretty much every other pregnancy symptom) on the additional blood flow. It made sense at the time.

    • Ohio hasn’t been that cold for years now (global warming maybe?).
      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who takes awful self-portraits. I look demonic in most of mine which is not the image I want to portray. If people looked at all the pics on our phones/cameras, they probably would think we were crazy!

  2. You look adorable! Coldest was probably when I lived in Canada – we would average -10 in the winter. With wind chills, -30! So we would have days when we just leave the house and school was closed!

    Selfies are hard – have Brody take the picture!

    • Brrr! I can’t imagine getting used those freezing temps. How cold did it need to be to cancel school?
      Yeah, I need to get Brody in the habit of taking a pic in the morning.

  3. Oh yes. The bring it on cheer. I said that to my cheerleaders the other day and they were really confused…
    You look adorable with a belly Ang! I think this was a successful selfie.

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