I am Ridikolus

Did you catch that 30 Rock reference? Many seasons ago, LL Cool J had a guest appearance with Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, and Alec Baldwin. Someone told LL Cool J something was ridiculous; he responded by saying “I am Ridikolus.”

Ridiculous has so many meanings (stupid, funny, amazing, etc.). As a writing prompt for my students the other day, I provided this question: What is ridiculous? I had fun answering the question myself.

Teenagers having babies.

Drivers who attempt to merge on to a highway going less than 55mph.

The Walking Dead (and now Jericho while we wait for season three to start up again).

How unsatisfying NA wine is.

Teenage girls cutting themselves to get Justin Bieber to stop smoking weed.

That first semester of the school year is almost over!

The Notre Dame quarterback who made up his girlfriend.

Swiss chocolate.

Getting a huge box of maternity clothes from Brody’s coworker’s wife (who has had four kids).

Root beer floats.

How long it took me to buy new bras.

Eating the same thing (shredded beef meant to be for French dip sandwiches) four days in a row.

The pink elephant scene in Dumbo.

How many questions a three year old asks.

What is ridiculous to you?


4 thoughts on “I am Ridikolus

  1. The amount of technology I have in my apartment. Desktop, laptop, iPad, kindle, and iPhone.
    That I haven’t killed my plant yet, I forget to water it a lot.
    People actually watch (and enjoy) the kardashians and/or Jersey shore.
    My young students don’t know what a CD is! Oh crap, were old.
    How many coats I have. (Pink, green, teal, army green, tan, brown, black, yellow, orange.. More to come I’m sure)

  2. I just saw a bumper sticker on a car that said “I drive like a Cullen”. That has to fall under that category. What does that mean?!?!?

    • Ha! I hope that person put that sticker on a few years ago and just doesn’t know how to get it off. Have you seen the Twilight movies? The Cullen’s (the vampire family) are all crazy, fast, reckless drivers. That person is practically begging to get pulled over!

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