Pregnancy Update: Week 20

Why hello! How have you all been? I’ve been a little MIA; blame it on the holidays, the holiday-hangover, illnesses, The Walking Dead, and grading.

The purpose of this post is to update you on my pregnancy.

Running has still been happening, albeit slower and not as often. My weekly goal is to run three miles two days and get to BodyPump and/or yoga one day. The dogs still require exercise, which means I walk them at least thirty minutes most days of the week.

I hope that staying in decent shape makes labor and recovery easier and faster. It has definitely made me feel more normal and like myself.

Compared to what my exercise routine had been for the last couple years, it’s been a change, but I haven’t been hard on myself. I don’t beat myself up if I miss a few days of anything besides walking. Taking time to relax at night is important to me, and getting enough sleep also has been a priority. I know that my priorities will continue to change, but hopefully exercise will always be up there.

Ashley from My Food N Fitness Diaries is also pregnant and has been answering the same handful of questions since she announced her pregnancy. I can’t say I’ll do this every week, but let’s try it today and see how it goes!

How far along? started week 20 yesterday

Baby’s size? banana

Weight gained? probably 5 pounds by now

Stretch marks? nope, and hopefully it’ll stay that way (my mom never got them and I’ve heard it’s partially genetic)

Sleep? I am used to sleeping on my sides now but sometimes end up on my back in the night – I do get up twice a night to use the restroom

Best moment this week? Hearing the heartbeat at our appointment last week Wednesday – it was 150 beats/min.

Miss anything? red wine and beer

Movement? little flutters and bubbles but no clear kicks or punches (and because I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta is in front of the uterus, I might not feel it as soon as other women)

Food cravings? citrus always tastes amazing and I’ve started craving chocolate again

Anything making you queasy or sick? car rides, especially when I attempt to read or do anything on my phone (when I’m not driving)

Gender? unknown…but we find out next Thursday!

Labor signs? none, and hopefully none for a long time

Symptoms? peeing more often, tired at night (but not as bad as the first semester), and painful girls when I’m cold

Belly button in or out? in still (and probably will be for a while)

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy of moody? happy

Looking forward to? the ultrasound next week to not only see Baby but also find out if we’ll be discussing girl names or confirming the use of our boy name

Picture from 18.5 weeks

That was fun! Okay, maybe I will try to start this as a weekly post.

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