The Best Holiday Prank

Most people either loved high school or hated it. I fall into the first category, which is probably why I enjoy teaching at a high school so much. While I found great girl friends in my grade, most of the male species were unmotivated, did too many drugs, or were just mean. Many of my girl friends and I looked to the grade above and below us for our testosterone-filled friendships.

The boys in the grade above me had great senses of humor and enjoyed pulling practical jokes. We and they had lots of good, legal, and “clean” fun. Examples…

-Lots of toilet papering (now you see why clean is in quotation marks)
-Collecting orange cones and putting them in someone’s lawn (normally a person they liked and not to be mean)
-“Borrowing” a shepherd’s garden hook from a yard and leaving a fish head on it in a friend’s yard
-Buying gay porn and taping it all over a friend’s garage door who happened to have VERY religious, conservative parents

We took our tree down yesterday, and it’s out on the street; this triggered a high school memory.

My senior year, these friends pulled a fantastic prank on me and my family. They were all home from college, and like Brody and I did, everybody (except my family because we had a fake tree) had their trees out on the street to be picked up.

For over two hours, a group of at least four guys in two cars dragged Christmas trees from all over my neighborhood in Appleton to our front yard. There was just enough snow on the ground for the trees to stand upright when pushed in. We heard nothing, as it was in the middle of the night, but woke up when they rang the door bell and then yelled “Merry Christmas!” as they drove off.

Over sixty Christmas trees, some of them still decorated, were in my front yard. My parents, luckily, took it in stride and were not mad at all. My dad spent the morning hauling the trees to the dump while my mom and I talked to our local newspaper.

I cannot believe that was twelve years ago. I am old.

I feel very fortunate to have found such a good group of guy friends in high school and to have so many fond memories to giggle about. I also realize now how great my parents were for not getting angry with me or my friends for their silly stunts.

Happy New Year – have a great and safe night! Have a drink for me…if you’re not driving or pregnant that is. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Best Holiday Prank

    • It’s funny that I don’t recall my dad being mad at all – he was quite the prankster in high school so I guess he appreciated it.
      Happy New Years to you too! I hope to get some runs in with you again late summer and fall πŸ™‚

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