Restaurant Review: A Pig in a Fur Coat

There are SO many new restaurants in Madison that Brody and I want to try: Gates & Brovi, Take Five, Buck and Badger, Roast, S2 Pizza Bar, and the list keeps going. With us being out of town so often this fall, we haven’t had open weekends…but as of now, we have pretty much no plans. No plane tickets, no weekend trips (besides a bachelor party Brody has in Chicago in February), no nothing.

One restaurant that had been on that laundry list was A Pig in a Fur Coat. I had actually chosen Umami for dinner, but they had a fifteen minute wait, and while that’s no big deal, Brody had noticed open tables at A Pig in the Fur Coat as he parked the car.

We were seated immediately. Two person tables flank the walls, and tall butcher block tables float in the middle. We had a private table in the corner.

Our waiter, who ended up being fantastic, brought us menus and explained how much he thought we may want to order. They have a variety of snack plates, small plates, and large plates.


We started with the rabbit rillette, which is basically rabbit pâté. I wasn’t sure what it was when we ordered it, but I am somewhat adventurous, and as long as it wasn’t raw, I figured I would be fine.

Oh, I was fine. Very fine. This was amazing. The rillette had great flavor and wasn’t overly gamey, and the pickled cherries added the perfect sweetness to the meatiness. Brody said this was the second best thing he tried tonight; it was my third.

We were just finishing up the rillette when the dates arrived. I love dates and was pleasantly surprised when Brody suggested we try this other snack plate.

The dates were stuffed with chorizo and had a piquillo pepper “sauce” over it. The combo of sweet and salty was very interesting and different than your normal date filled with a soft cheese and wrapped in bacon. The sweeter peppers were the key ingredient and added a freshness to this normally heavy appetizer. This was Brody’s fourth favorite item and my second.

After these snack plates, we knew having two small plates and a large plate would be too much. We had planned on having the poutine with foie gras and the ravioli, but that would’ve pushed us over the edge. The Canadian delicacy was cut, and the ravioli was filled with ricotta and egg yolks and served with brown butter and a strip of bacon remained.

Heavenly and heavy are the two words I’d use to describe this dish. This was fabulous, rich, and so unhealthy. There was a ton of egg yolk in the middle of this giant ravioli, and it blended nicely with the brown butter. Brody and I were in awe of how the ravioli was cooked yet kept the yolks runny. This small plate took first place for both of us.

At this point we were full but were not going to throw in the towel. Plus, we had already ordered the porchetta.

The tender pork fell apart and was well seasoned. I would’ve loved to have kept eating it, but I was stuffed. We ended up bringing about half of it home. This was Brody’s third favorite thing and my fourth. Again, I feel like giving it a lower rating makes it seem like it wasn’t delicious, but it was just that everything was so good.

In lieu of dessert, we shared a carafe of coffee to help settle our tummies. For all of that food, two glasses of wine, the coffee, and a good tip, the bill came to just over $80.

I highly recommend this restaurant. Besides the incredible food, the service was spot on (our waiter was so passionate and descriptive in his delivery), the ambiance was chill (warm lighting, simple decor), and they played great music (The Head and the Heart). They’re obviously doing well as it became increasingly busy as we ate. I can’t imagine anyone, besides a vegetarian, not loving this place. Go there, eat delicious food, and thank me.

What new restaurant have you been to recently?
Are you the type of person who tries new things or always orders the tried and true favorite?

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: A Pig in a Fur Coat

  1. I can’t get over the names of the restaurants you listed. How did it get the name, A Pig in a Fur Coat? I love it! The dishes look amazing – so simple yet incredibly unique. I am part of a monthly dinner club with a group of lovely southern ladies so I get to try out a (usually) new joint every few weeks. J and I have this “rule” about never ordering the same dish so we get to try more of the menu but inevitably our dishes tend to fall in the same categories wherever we dine – seafood or red meat (J), chicken or salad (me).

    • Isn’t it a fun name? Brody told me it comes from the name of a disgusting dish but instead of pig, it’s some other meat. Apparently the owners thought it was funny.
      They were actually quite simple, you’re right. Just so different from anything I’ve ever tried.
      What a cool club to be a part of!

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