Food Hangover

Oh boy, do I feel like a winner this morning. I put on quite the display of eating yesterday and am feeling the results today. AND…today is the wedding which means there’ll be more indulging.

Let me back up.

On Thursday night, Brody and I went to see Old Crow Medicine Show (fantastic) and then drove to Milwaukee. We checked into a hotel across from the airport and crashed at midnight.

Our flight left at 7am, so we had an early morning.

During the five hours of traveling, I snacked on fruit, peanuts, and animal crackers. I was craving a real meal though. Out first stop in LA?

In N Out!

Brody forced me to order the double double. Darn you California for posting calorie counts. After seeing how much damage that burger would do, I tried to back out as I knew we’d also be having a huge Chinese meal for dinner. It didn’t work. Brody and I each had a burger and fries.

I ate my whole burger like a good little (er, big) eater and half the fries in my basket. This was only my second time ever having In N Out and it was as delicious as I remembered it to be.

We’re staying at this funky (in a good way) hotel called Hotel Figueroa. Basically every wall in the entire place is hand painted, and it kind of has a Moroccan vibe.

We were able to check in early and promptly crawled into bed to nap. Eating is exhausting.

Besides the groom, who Brody went to law school with, another law school buddy lives out here. Before the rehearsal dinner, we met J Bro (his nickname obviously) and his entire firm (of nine people) for drinks. Because I hadn’t eaten in five hours and the rehearsal wasn’t until eight, I ordered a snack.

I ate everything but the Brie, and Brody had a couple pieces of cheese.

Dinner was one of those taking-pictures-of-your-food-would-be-awkward-and-embarrassing times. The groom and bride are both Chinese, and we had quite the Chinese feast: egg rolls, pork dumplings, pork wrap, garlic noodles, crispy shrimps, beef and vegetable stir fry, meatball soup, and fried fish. I tried a little of everything and washed it down with copious amounts of tea.

Don’t they say the best way to cure a hangover is to keep drinking? I wanted to test that theory with food.

We drove to Philippe’s, the famous French dip place. It’s been featured on the Food Network many times, so Brody couldn’t come and not get what they’re famous for.

Although I changed my settings on Instagram, the pictures I take still don’t save on my camera roll.

Brody had the lamb French dip while I had a more traditional breakfast: veggie omelet, toast, potatoes, and coffee.


Good thing Thanksgiving is next week and I’ll be able to take a break from all of this eating.


2 thoughts on “Food Hangover

    • Thursday night at overture in the Capitol Theater (not the huge one). Brody found out they were playing. You missed a good show 😦 Hopefully they’ll come back again. We’re also seeing Trampled By Turtles in January – have you heard of them?

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