My Coffee Addiction

For the last year, I had been all about the iced coffee. I’d make a big pot, let it cool, and then keep it in an old juice container in the fridge. This was convenient and cheap, but my love for iced coffee has disappeared with the warm temps and leaves on the trees.

Now all I want is good coffee. Professional coffee. Beans ‘N Cream coffee.


Again, darn you Instagram for not saving the pictures I take with you in my camera roll. Grrr…

For $2.64, I get a large cup of happiness. They always have at least five different kinds or flavors available, and they often match the season: pumpkin spice, cranberry, jingle bells, vanilla creme brûlée, and I know a mint chocolate is coming up soon.

Beans ‘N Cream is right on my drive out of Sun Prairie, so it takes me two minutes to park, order (which the guy now just hands me the cup), pour my coffee, and get back in my car.

It’s a little scary how much joy their coffee brings me, but I literally wake up looking forward to it. However, because I have my mother’s frugal streak, I can’t justify going every day. Therefore I have decided to stop two to three days a week. Considering I never go out for lunch, I have given myself permission. Now I just have to be better about keeping cash on hand so I don’t have to take money out of Brody’s wallet.

Do you support a local coffee shop?
What little thing brings you lots of joy?


8 thoughts on “My Coffee Addiction

  1. You can change that instagram setting so it saves them! At least I can on my phone…

    I love coffee SO much. My husband and I had wedding photos outside of a shop in front of a giant COFFEE sign. Love, love. But yesterday a natural medicine doc told me I have to quit the coffee for now. I cried inside. I am sipping on some tea–so not the same!

    • Thank you! Actually a friend just sent me instructions and I fixed it.

      I remember seeing that picture on your blog. How sad that you have to give it up 😦 Have you heard of the coffee alternative? I think it’s called chofee (or something similar). Tina from Carrots ‘n Cake drinks it. At least you can still have coffee ice cream, right?

    • Yeah! Isn’t it great?!?! The workers are so nice, and their coffee is good stuff – better than Starbucks in my opinion (yes, I realize that may be blasphemous).
      Have a great Friday!

  2. Ohhh vanilla creme brulee sounds amazing! We have an awesome local coffee shop, and they have the best drinks ever. Their most popular one is called the dirty snowman, and it’s like a hazelnut toffee coffee. They also have a smores coffee drink that I love. Stay warm!

    • Yum! Those two drinks sound amazing right now. After a quick six hour stint at a hotel and five and a half hours of sleep last night, anything with caffeine sounds like perfection.
      Have a good weekend!

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