Baby Owen

In my race recap, I alluded to the rest of my Saturday. Part of this included meeting our friend’s six day old baby, Owen.

Barret and Brody met in law school, and Kelly and I worked together during college. They are good friends, and we were very excited when they first told us they were expecting. Those months flew past, and Owen came into the world on Sunday, October 28.

This is the youngest and littlest baby Brody and I each had ever held.

Surprisingly Owen was awake and quite alert the whole time (an hour and a half) we were there.

Mel and Tim also stopped by, and it was great to see them. Since our marathon training finished, we’ve seen each other less and less. They both took turns holding Owen also.

He is such a cute baby, and I’m excited to watch him grow up.

By the way, when I take pictures using Instagram, they no longer save under my photos. Why is that? I love using the different features on Instagram that make my photos look like I know what I’m doing with photography. Way to screw that up Instagram.

On a completely different note, happy Election Day! Brody and I are en route to a friend’s house to watch the coverage. I voted last Monday, so now we just wait and keep our fingers crossed.


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