Tyranena Half Barrel Run

Apparently I am now a weekend blogger. But I don’t even blog on the weekends, just about them.

Whatever I am, my weekdays are full and are basically all the same: wake up at 5:45am, shower, breakfast, get ready, drive to work, teach from 7:50am to 3:05pm (with some breaks and food in there), drive home, go to the park, make and eat dinner, maybe do some school work, relax on the couch, walk the dogs, and go to bed at 9:30pm. That’s it folks. Pretty lame-o.

This week is a little more exciting, though. Tonight I am hosting a Pampered Chef and Thirty-One party for the neighbor ladies, and tomorrow Brody and I are going over to a friend’s house to watch the election coverage.

I guess I should get to the subject and title of this post: the Tyranena half marathon!

My training for this race was slightly half-hearted. Instead of making my way up to a twelve mile run, I did two ten mile runs. I skimped on some of the weekday runs as well. However, I was faster. My running friends, Kathy and Teresa, are both speedier and pushed me.

I arrived in Lake Mills at 10am. After picking up my race packet at 10:15am, I had over an hour to hang out before the race began. Can I say how much I love that start time?!?!

In the tent, I luckily found two work friends who were there to watch and cheer runners on. Sadie even made a sign for me! It’s the first time anyone has ever made me a sign – so sweet!

About an hour before the start, I ate a bar (delicious!) and tried to stay hydrated.

I stood shivering waiting for the National Anthem to be done. It was in the 30s, and I had pants, a long sleeve running top, and a hooded sweatshirt on. Suddenly we were off; I started the shuffle feature on my iPod and pressed start on my Garmin.

The first mile was fine, and I warmed up. As planned, my coworker Rene was about a mile in waiting to see her husband, and I tossed her my hoodie.

The next two to three miles were pretty tough. Three big hills and some very loose gravel slowed me down, and I thought my chances for a PR were hopeless.

Once on the Glacier Drumlin Trail, however, it all changed. I found “the zone” and paced myself behind two girls running a 9:30 mile.

At each mile, I did the math and realized I could PR. I prayed that I wouldn’t hit a wall, suddenly hurt something, or be faced with more hills.

None of those things happened, and for the last mile, I picked people off, holding under a 9:30 pace.

All of the stars aligned on Saturday, and I got my PR!

My average pace was 9:43. Success!

Kathy, my running buddy and fellow Wine and Recipe-er, came to cheer me on at the finish line. We chatted in the tent while I inhaled the free lasagna.

I had to duck out of the party scene quickly, though; Brody and I had plans for the rest of the day.

At home, I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of myself, so Brody obliged.


I was very happy with the race; the start time and course, the water stations, the tent to hang out in before and after, and the post-race food was all fantastic. Just be aware that there are a limited number of spots, so remember to sign up early.

And now it’s time to rest my body. These next months will definitely include some running but also a little yoga, BodyPump, and lots of walking.

Run any races recently? How’d they go?
Does your workout routine change in the winter?


11 thoughts on “Tyranena Half Barrel Run

  1. Great work, Angie! I’m seriously impressed with that pace.

    Daylight savings has thrown a wrench in my Monday-Friday running. Since J goes to work so early, I have to run when he gets home at 5:30/6 and that means I’m trucking it in the dark. Boo. So I’m going to have to figure out something different.

    • Thanks Liz! My short legs don’t move too quickly, so for me that was a faster pace.

      I know what you mean about the time change. While the daylight is nice in the morning, it is dark so early now. Can you run with your dog at night?

      • Yes, once she’s better leash trained. Right now, my biggest issue is the traffic in my neighborhood – street lights, reflective clothes and a big ole flashing red light apparently mean nothing to oblivious drivers! I’m going to have to find a puppy-friendly and low-traffic route.

        • Oh no! That does sound dangerous. Plus your dog is black, right? Sometimes don’t you wish you had a treadmill with a tv in front of it? I do, and I believe I would be one of the 10% of people with home fitness equipment who would actually use it.

  2. way to go AAaaaaangie! I hear ya on the being busy, lame, same schedule business. Just do what you can, no need to stress over it.

    • Yes, good call and good mantra: “Do what you can.” I am making sure I find time for down time, like right now – reading blogs on the couch with No Reservations on in the background.
      Hope all is well with you!

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