Scrabble Girls

Instead of giving a “bed-to-bed” post of my girls’ weekend up in Minocqua, I will share our Saturday night antics. We were FRIENDS, FIERCE, and WINNERS.

My friend Jena did a little search on the interwebs to find costume ideas for a group of people. When she mentioned us being Scrabble tiles, the English teacher in me rejoiced. Luckily, everyone else thought it was a good idea.

She bought all the supplies for cheap at a craft store and told us to wear black on top and jeans. Considering I hate coming up with Halloween costumes and experience anxiety over it, this was perfect.

Although there were nine of us, we wanted to have some freedom with the words we could spell throughout the night. Jena chose the word friends (very appropriate for the weekend) and then we had two blank tiles.

Before hitting the town, we had a Mexican fiesta. For dessert, we had the salted chocolate caramel cookie bars I had made. Emily made the bold statement that they were one of the best things she had ever eaten.

For the night, we started at the Thirsty Whale.

But besides a bride, groom, and some family (and no, it wasn’t their Halloween costumes), it was dead.

At T. Murtaugh’s is where we spent the next four hours.

We danced…

We sang…

We spelled words…

An we won the costume competition!

Jena (or Giner as she said was her name) became the DJ

First prize was a Canon camera, and it just so happened that Jena’s camera had broken Friday night. We all decided it was destiny, so Jena took home the prize.

It was such a fun weekend, and I am so thankful to have fell into this group of women.


4 thoughts on “Scrabble Girls

  1. I LOVE the scrabble tiles!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE! I went to an outdoor party and it was freezing, so I needed a warm costume (originally Daniel and I were going to be Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory). I decided to go as a lumberjack. Everyone loved it, and I was warm all night! I need that recipe!!!!!!!!!!

    • Most of the women I was with are moms and they also all needed a weekend without wearing the mom “hat.” I hope your girls night comes soon for you 🙂
      I meant to link to the recipe but forgot – I will add it to my next post. They are amazing though…but quite unhealthy.

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