Cottage Clean-Up

Greetings from northern Wisconsin!

It’s a girls’ weekend at the cottage. Brody caught a flight to DC for some family matters, and the dogs, although male, don’t count because they’re not human and they can’t help with clean-up.

My sister, Laura, and I met in Oshkosh last night to drive the rest of the way together. We stopped at Panera for dinner, and I impressively ate a roasted turkey avocado BLT sandwich while driving without spilling much on me. #unsafedrivingsuccess

Upon arrival at 9pm, Moose hightailed it for the lake. He loves to “fish.” At 5:30am, he was again out there.


For about two hours this morning, the three of us raked, bagged, and dumped leaves. It went by quickly and the dogs kept us entertained. Unfortunately, they were lazy and didn’t feel like helping. Jerks.


The eight bags of leaves took up most of my trunk, but Laura still managed to squeeze in the back.


We worked hard this morning and now we have some movies to watch.

My sister brought these movies. Some I am more excited to watch than others, like Joyful Noise. Ehh…not my thing. I am looking forward to watching The Hunger Games for the third time, though, and We Bought a Zoo. I’ll give a brief movie review of these tomorrow.

Have a nice, relaxing Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Cottage Clean-Up

    • I also thought it was really cute. I tried many times this summer to get the kids I nanny for to watch it, but they weren’t interested. It was kind of sad, though, with the mom situation.
      Still 80 degrees? That is crazy! It is supposed to be in the upper 60s this week but then possibly snow by Friday. Crazy Wisconsin weather!

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