I’m Alive

Good morning! It’s been a while. Life has been busy, grading has taken over my life, and I have little motivation to do anything except relax on the couch after 7pm. But I am back and hopefully will now be resuming somewhat of a regular blogging schedule.

Considering it’s 7:30am and I haven’t posted for two weeks, do not expect an organized post. That will happen again soon, but not today.

1. Every time I hear “binders full of women,” I giggle. I actually saw that portion of the debate and thought it was a strange comment.

2. Along with ignoring my blog, I also have been ignoring other people’s blogs. I now have over two hundred posts to read. I will not ignore you all forever – promise.

3. On the radio this morning I heard that the Grateful Dead is partnering with Dogfish Head Brewing Company to create an IPA. Brody loves both of those things.


4. School has been going really well. I love my job, and I love learning how I can improve my teaching. I was lucky enough to attend two conferences recently: one about RtI and the other for English teachers.

5. Two Sundays ago Brody and I went to Daisy’s cupcakery for breakfast. I have never gotten huevos racheros before – have I been missing out!

This was amazing. I could eat this For breakfast every weekend morning an be a happy, happy girl.

Short and sweet. See you again soon!


3 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. Glad you’re alive 🙂 Hope things start catching up for you. I know how it feels though (well sans the grading papers) but I feel like I’ve been ‘in the weeds’ for the past few weeks trying to catch up! Have a nice weekend.

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