A Classy Wedding

When I last checked in, the shuttle buses were headed to the reception at a country club on Lake Norman. It was stunning.

We took the opportunity to take more “prom” photos. It was so fun to see Rugs and Scoop (who live in MN) again.

I loved my dress! Kelly green is such a fantastic and flattering color on everyone.

After a beautiful cocktail hour and some red wine, we headed inside and were given these notes.

Brody is classy, just like this wedding.

As the note says, JJ Gray would be surprising the bride.

Brody had actually seen JJ Gray in concert before, but I had never heard of him. However, he was amazing and so entertaining. He played about six songs. It was pretty crazy to have a celebrity at the wedding!

Dinner was delicious: surf and turf.

Do you see that little half of a potato? That potato stole the show – no lie. It was incredible.

We took nice photos during dinner.


And we took silly photos.

Post dinner, we had fun dancing to live music (and accompanying dance moves) by a band called Simply Irresistible. They played great songs that got people out on the floor, such as “Starship” by Nicki Minaj.

Brody and I took the first bus back to the hotel and crashed just before midnight. Being social is exhausting!

This wedding was SO gorgeous. From the flowers, to the wedding gown, to JJ Gray, to the Simply Irresistible band, this was a fancy wedding.

With this, our wedding-filled September is over. It was a whirlwind, especially for Brody who was in Montana last weekend, but it was lots of fun seeing friends who live elsewhere. It will truly be sad when all of the wedding invites stop coming.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Do you have weddings to attend this year?
Do you prefer a DJ or a band?


4 thoughts on “A Classy Wedding

  1. I love your dress! It’s so cute on you! That definitely sounds like an awesome wedding!
    We had sooooo many weddings to attend this summer, but we are wedding-free for the next few months! We were invited to a fancy-schmancy wedding this month, but it’s the same day as my half marathon (which is out of town). I hope October is a more relaxing month for you and Brody!

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