Charlotte and Wedding Photos

I have been super lame about posting this week. For some reason, I decided now, minutes before loading a bus for the wedding reception, would be a good time to post.

Brody and I are in Charlotte for a wedding this weekend. Aside from a sketchy trip to Walmart (but really where in the country are Walmarts not sketchy), I have really enjoyed my time here. Unfortunately we’re not in downtown Charlotte but closer to Lake Norman.

Detroit airport has decent food choices.


How I keep occupied in airports.


Anyone in town Friday night was invited to the bride’s mother’s house on Lake Norman. I failed to take pictures of the outside, but this bathroom was beautiful.


Family and friends put wishes for the couple in these lanterns. They were so pretty in the sky against the black sky and full moon.


I ran a PD on this hotel treadmill – 9 miles in just over an hour and a half. Luckily I had Jersey Shore and a Fitness magazine.


Brody and I went out for brunch.



The wedding party had a Rolls Royce limo.


Pumpkin beer for me (purchased at Walmart) between the ceremony and reception. We also needed mousse (for me) and five hour powers (for the boys).


And now we’re off to the reception. I love weddings!


5 thoughts on “Charlotte and Wedding Photos

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend so far! Blue moon pumpkin is awesome! Way better than lakefront’s… Have a safe trip home! (I really use exclamation points too much, in not needed places. Well, it’s what I do- sorry to my English teacher sister)

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