A Weekend in (mostly food) Photos

My weekend improved vastly after my lame (yet amazing) Friday night. Look – I have proof.

I started off Saturday morning with a satisfying breakfast: egg scramble and a sandwich thin.

An apple cider donut, double Americano, and an apple made up my lunch.

There were so many autumnal colors at the farmers market!

A picture not of food! The dogs and I made it to the park in the afternoon once it got a little warmer; we walked over two miles.

I got ready to supervise a high school dance!

Salvatore’s was consumed pre-dance. As always, it was delicious, and I loved introducing the restaurant to my coworkers.

No picture of the dance, but I do have to say…I had a blast! My coworkers are fantastic. We were given walkie talkies, and we did not want to return them at the end of the night. My code name was Daisy, another coworker was Roscoe, another one was Bosshog…Good times.

After a speedy 8.3 mile run (average pace, 9:30!) today, I microwaved half of the spaghetti squash I purchased at the farmers market and ate it with Jenna’s meat sauce for lunch. Why has it taken me this long to try this squash?!?!

My Woodman’s haul. Some highlights: 99 cent Larabars, a pork tenderloin for a Real Simple recipe, a Trilogy kombucha, PB Cheerios, and chocolate milk.

The cooler temps got me craving granola. Is there a correlation or am I crazy? Regardless, I made a big batch. I used good quality Wisconsin maple syrup, and I swear it makes a difference.

Now I’m off to pick up Brody from the airport. He spent the weekend in Montana for a wedding, and sadly, I couldn’t take off of work to go. He took a few pictures himself, including this one:

His text message said, “Don’t we look good?” What a goofball.

Did you go to your high school’s dances?
Do you grocery shop on the weekends or during the week?
What yummy food did you eat this weekend?


4 thoughts on “A Weekend in (mostly food) Photos

  1. I chaperoned two homecomings already, that was enough for me!!! My first and second year none of the high schoolers knew who I was anyways…

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