Crazy Friday Night

Hey-oh! Livin’ it up over here. It’s been a wild night! (to be read very sarcastically)

After school I needed to run four miles and also exercise the dogs. I did both by running with Moose for three miles (Frankie freaked and didn’t want to leave our yard – rain coming?). Moose was struggling for the last mile – we ran the first two in 9:50 but the third in 10:30. I dropped him off at home and ran the final mile solo as fast as I could. The Garmin clocked my speedy (for me) mile in 8:30! My short legs were moving.

Now this is where my Friday night gets outta control.

I had a leftover taco salad…

same dinner from Wednesday, same photo

I graded…


I ate this Nutella snack pack and watched the first episode of Downtown Abbey…


I crawled into bed at 9:15pm…


And I believe it or not, it was a good night. Plus, I need a good night of sleep tonight because I am supervising a high school dance tomorrow night.

I hope you had a great Friday night, too!


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