North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay

Our marathon relay team – yah for being the only lady!


I had a blast running and hope to run this race again in the future.

We arrived at the start/finish line with over an hour before the relay began. The dogs were nervous balls of energy with all of the people and activity around the area.

Brody, Barret, and the pups.

While we were waiting, the first 50K finisher came in. They began running at 7am, which means he finished in less than four hours. Soon after, the first 50 miler finished; however, they had started at 5am. Incredible. I cannot fathom running those distances.

I can’t remember if this guy (the one in the white tank) was the first 50K finisher or the 50 miler.

Doug took off on the first leg. While he was gone, Nick (Barret’s brother) and Nord (Barret and Nick’s friend from college) came in. Amazingly, they hadn’t trained especially well yet finished in 6th and 7th. So impressive! Nord, the guy on the left, ran the Madison Mini half marathon in about 80 minutes. Yup, that’s a 6:15 min/mile pace. Nick and Nord ran this race in 4:27, which is just under an 8 min/mile.


I am ready to kick this trail’s butt.

When Doug came to the transfer area, I was ready to go. He handed me the transponder bib and off I went.

The first section was along the road, but we were soon on the trail. Most of the terrain was sand, grass, and a little gravel. The scenery was beautiful.


Along the trail, it was quiet. A few people passed me early on but then I caught up to a few later on. I walked up about three to four hills, including the first intense incline, but ran most of them. The downhills were my favorite; it felt like I was flying. Unfortunately, I left my Garmin in the car and had no idea what pace I was at.

In the end, I finished in 66 minutes – exactly a 10 min/mile pace. Not too shabby considering that’s my normal, flat, road running pace.


I refueled right away with this Bora Bora bar – yum! This flavor tastes just like the coconut almond Kind bar.

Out of 33 teams, we finished 9th. Doug did it in an hour, Barret and I were both in 66 minutes, and Poppert took 50 minutes.

Brody and I spent the rest of the day preparing for the Badger game and watching the game from Camp Randall and then The Stadium. They barely won but we still had fun.


Saturday was the perfect day.

Happy Monday!


6 thoughts on “North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay

  1. Congrats! This was great to read, and sounds like you had a blast (which is most important)! Keep up the fun races Anjaaaaaaay.

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