What Have I Gotten Myself Into

Not only am I running on an uneven surface for this marathon relay, but check out this elevation! Eek!

P.S. I figured out how to take a screenshot…on my own. I could’ve asked the two boys in the car but I was a big girl and watched a YouTube video.

Any advice for a trail running newbie? If so, I need that advice in the next two and a half hours. 🙂

Last night, in my apparent typical pre-run fashion, I drank wine and didn’t get enough sleep. We had our new neighbors over to grill out; Brody made burgers and I roasted potatoes and onions from our CSA. Emily brought over the Cupcake Moscato wine and it was delicious. Brody and Tim cleaned out the beer in our fridge, including the Stella and Guinness that had been in there for months (maybe years).


Just after midnight, our guests left and I crashed only to wake up at seven. Darn those early weekday mornings. Attempting to sleep any longer was pointless; once I’m up, I’m up. Breakfast was the standard toast with peanut butter, a banana, and an iced coffee.

And now we’re on our way to Kettle Morraine State Park. We may or may not have gotten a little “lost” on our way there. I think I have made every mistake (alcohol, lack of sleep, semi-charged Garmin and iPod, etc.) in preparing for this race except for wearing new clothes. At least I have Brody and these guys to cheer me on.

They will continue to love me no matter what.

Wish me luck! Hopefully I don’t get lost, roll an ankle, need to pee in the woods, or run slower than a 13:00 minute mile. At least I have tailgating and the Badger game to look forward to. If I suck big time, I can always drink away my embarrassment.

Doing any races this weekend?
Have you ever done a relay? I would love to do Rangar one day.
What football team do you cheer for?

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