Life is Busy Again

Hey! I got a random bit for you. Thanks for sticking around as I readjust to life as a working adult again. I promise I am not as scatterbrained as this post makes me seem.

Even though Moose loves human food, he is often too lazy to move to get it. Maybe this popcorn wasn’t tempting enough.

Aren’t Real Simple recipes amazing? This one was great, but Brody and I decided it needed a little something extra. Red pepper flakes? Garlic? Crumbled bacon? Cream? All four?

This week I also made Cuban pork sandwiches and enchiladas, AND I baked these (but with plain Chobani instead of oil). Love Jenna’s recipes.

I think that because I have been such an amazing cook/wife this week, Brody felt I deserved a few presents:
1) A giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Potbelly’s
2) A gift card to Starbucks (It was a gift to him but he’s super anti-Starbucks. He’s actually never set foot in a Starbucks in his life.)
3) A women’s Keep Calm and Chive On shirt

I can’t wait to be twinsies with Brody and send in a picture of us to The Chive.

I found the bar section at Woodman’s. It is a thing of beauty. So many bars. I went for a handful of “lady bars” as JP calls them. This new-to-me bar was kind of blah; it almost crumbled as I ate it. Brody had a better experience; he accidentally grabbed the chocolate coconut and liked it. He thought it tasted like a Samoas Girl Scout cookie.

Sons of Anarchy. Whoa. That was some intense s***. Some of my thoughts (numbered of course):
1) Poor Tigey (sp?). That scene with his daughter was so horrible.
2) I know Clay is up to something – there is no way he came clean about Piney because it was the right thing to do.
3) Please don’t let Jacks (or is it Jax?) turn in to a version of Clay.
4) Tara seems like more of a badass now: smoking, agreeing to carry, the bangs and darker eyeliner.

On the exercise/running front, I am running a leg of a marathon relay this weekend. The North Face Endurance Challenge is up in the Kettle Morraine area, and two friends of ours are running the 50K. I cannot imagine running that far. I’m nervous about my 6.5 miles of trail running.

In case you’re wondering, WordPress still sucks big time! I am soooo annoyed. Grrr…

What shows are you excited to start watching again?
What’s your favorite lady bar?
What’d you cook or bake this week?


6 thoughts on “Life is Busy Again

  1. Lets trade Donkey for Moose staight up okay? I think its a fair trade. I really miss him and Frankie already! I tried to watch 2 shows on Fox online last night and it wouldnt’ work on any of our computers (wpp) but I’ve heard Ben and Kate, and The Mindy Project are worth checking out. I also watched the second episode of The New Normal and liked it 🙂 Have a great weekend, let me know if you make that strawberry/peanut butter smoothie thing!

    • I know lots of people who like Parenthood. Brody and I watched the very first episode and it seemed really heavy. Do you also watch Modern Family? I love that show.
      Yum! Butternut squash soup is so good and easy. It’s still too warm for soup for me but I love it for lunch in the colder months – so filling!

      • It definitely deals with real family issues/dynamics but because the scenarios are real, it can be very relatable and humorous. And yes, I love Modern Family! I saw the pilot of “New Normal” which looks sort of like Modern Family.

        It’s still too warm for soup here, too, but I can’t resist it’s creamy goodness! I’m pretending I still live in the midwest 🙂

        • Yah, my friend Bridget also said New Normal was good.
          The Midwest hasn’t felt very “Midwest-y” for the last two years; two very hot summers and a winter with only two little snows.
          Have a great weekend!

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