S-S-Saturday and S-S-Sunday

Hey! How was your weekend? Good? Mine too!

Bloggers seem to love alliteration as much as they love pumpkin in the fall (which I do not mention in this post). At least I can blame my alliterative tendencies on my profession. However, when thinking over my weekend, most of which was spent in the Minocqua area for Brody’s firm’s annual get-together, everything seemed to start with an S.

When my alarm went off at 7am Saturday morning, I did not have a good feeling about my six mile run. With a few glasses of red wine in me from the night before and less than eight hours of sleep, I was nervous. But, my sixty minute sweat session ended up being amazing. The weather and scenery were perfect. I love fall running!


After the run, breakfast, relaxing, and lunch, I couldn’t stop yawning. Expecting to take a little forty-minute cat nap, I crawled into the giant king size bed. Two and a half hours later, I groggily crawled out of bed. Oops. I had no idea I was that tired. Sadly, I missed out on playing euchre, but the snooze was pretty incredible.

The food this weekend was delicious! Saturday night is the more formal night of the two with a nice sit-down dinner. The two dinner entrees were beef tenderloin and salmon – I obviously chose the salmon. It had a sweeter, ginger glaze and was cooked perfectly. No food pictures were taken because it wasn’t appropriate, but trust me – I ate well (and a lot)…including dessert.

Sons of Anarchy
When we arrived back home, Brody made a beeline for the couch. I got the laundry started and then joined him. We had very important business to take care of: finish watching season four of Sons of Anarchy.

Season five starts tomorrow on FX – wahoo! I’ve said it before but who would’ve thought I’d like a show about bikers who run guns? Apparently there are LOTS of Sons fans out there! We’ll have to chat Wednesday or Thursday about the season premiere.

Moose and Frankie had a weekend at home with Aunt Laura (my sister).

Due to some storms, there was some cuddle time on the couch, but they also made it to the park. It was so nice to not have to board them or bring them to a friend’s house for the weekend. Thanks again Laura!

Do you watch Sons of Anarchy? Predictions?
How long is a nap for you normally? How often do you nap?
What’s something you did this weekend that starts with S?

7 thoughts on “S-S-Saturday and S-S-Sunday

  1. Angie I’m not gonna lie, I’m shocked you like that show! I’ve never seen it cause I heard it is REALLY violent so I’ve steared clear. I am excited for shows to start like New Girl, Parks and Rec, Happy Endings and there is a new Mindy Kalig show starting. Have a great week!

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