Last week, I pulled my car into a parking spot at the grocery store behind this car.

Really? I think this definitely deserves a WTFriday. Maybe I am overreacting. I have never held a gun, and we do not have a gun in our house (and I didn’t growing up either). I actually trust 911 and the police. Opinions?

Sorry if you find this crude.

This is more of a humorous, I-can’t-believe-he’s-doing-this WTFriday. Duke, aka Donkey, aka JP and Bridget’s dog, had to pee while we were cruising on the pontoon boat this weekend. Two minutes after Donkey let loose, JP’s parents’ dog lifted his leg and peed on the cooler (which was closed). I’ll take it up a notch and share how all the dogs except for Frankie (’cause he’s more of a private dog) aqua-dumped in the water. The neighbors who were about to go jet skiing were not too happy about our dogs use of the lake as their giant toilet.

Paul Ryan lied about lots of things his marathon time.

He didn’t lie by a minute or two but by a full hour. Come on! Running a marathon is a huge deal and people remember how long it took them to complete all 26.2 miles. So lame.

I wanted to end on a more positive note, so I have a picture of a Barry’s Bagels bag.

If you’re from the Toledo area, there’s a good chance you’ve partook in the carbo-loading that is Barry’s. Their bagels are so darn good. I ate one every day I was in Ohio and Michigan last weekend and either wish they’d set up shop in Madison (or even better, Sun Prairie) or that a similarly delicious bagel place would open around here. Yes, I know we have Gotham Bagels but it’s not like Barry’s.

I was going to end on a happier WTFriday but that all changed after this post has now been partially deleted three times! Granted I am using the WordPress app on my iPhone but still. Grrrrr…so annoying. There was just an update to the app, but it obviously has some kinks in it.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “WTFriday

  1. WordPress has been giving me trouble today, too. Published a previous version of a post and didn’t save the most recent draft… GAH! So frustrating. Anyway, I think the first photo is hi-la-rious. My husband would get a kick out of that. I trust 911 but realize it can take awhile for them to respond. So, I sleep with a maglite and I’m not afraid to use it!

    • While I am glad I’m not the only one having issues with WordPress, I am sorry it was being difficult for you too.
      Love that you sleep with a maglite. I like to think my dogs would protect me but they’d probably just lick the person.

      • Ha! That’s one thing I miss about having pups. And I should clarify, I only sleep with the maglite when J is out of town. Otherwise, I fear I’d accidentally use it on him when he got up to get a drink of water. I’m not exactly rational in the middle of the night 🙂

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