First Day of School

Other than the frizzy hair this morning…

I had a really good day back at school.

After spending time straightening my wavy tresses, I took the dogs for a short five-minute walk. The humidity ruined all of my work. How rude. My flat iron came to work with me and I was presentable by the time the kids arrived.

The heat and humidity also put a damper on the new running group I’m in/started. A few teachers who have recently had kids have started running again. I proposed running together free school one day a week. Today was the first day, but only one other teacher (the English teacher I carpool with) could run. Also, because of the 90 degree weather, we ran the halls. Definitely not nice scenery but better than sweating buckets and then sitting in a car for forty minutes.

See? I look happy.

My other carpooler also appreciated our indoor run since he drove us today and his car is brand new. It was a win win.

The students today were great. Everyone is excited to see their friends again, and believe it or not, most students get bored with summer. I love the social aspect of teaching, so I’m looking forward to getting to know my students and seeing my teacher friends again regularly.

As usual, I have grading tonight. It’s only short free writes about how students are feeling about starting a new year. They’ll be fun to read. As they wrote in class, I also responded to this prompt and realized I wasn’t nervous this year. Every other year I’ve had butterflies the night before and felt jittery the day of, but today I felt confident. Maybe because it’s my fifth year teaching at this school? Not sure, but I liked it.

Hope you have a nice night!

How did you feel about going back to school after summer break?
What was your favorite part of high school? Least favorite?

6 thoughts on “First Day of School

    • I bet it’s strange – no class schedule, no new school clothes (or maybe you didn’t do that as a grad student?), not being on campus or in a classroom. I love(d) being a student, which is probably why I ended up a teacher.

  1. I’m glad you had a great first day of school! This is my first year teaching (9th-11th graders), and I was so nervous/excited the night before school started. While I enjoyed the butterflies, I look forward to the quiet confidence by year 5! 😛

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