Wedding Photo Dump

Brody and I attended a wedding in Toledo last night and had a ton of fun. Normally I hit a wall at weddings around 10pm, but when a friend told me it was past 11pm, I couldn’t believe it.

Instead of a wordy recap, I have amusing pictures.


Brody’s mom took a “prom” picture of us: Brody’s friend Scott and his wife Regan; JP and Bridget (the ones we traveled with this summer); and Brody and I.

Scott and Regan’s youngest son, Mason.

The married couple: Ben and Lindsay. I wish it wasn’t so blurry.

A little snackage between the ceremony and reception. The almond coconut flavor is awesome! It tastes like a macaroon.


Brody and his intermezzo: pineapple mint sorbet.

Bridget being a blogger.

A dinner of salmon, mashed potatoes, and veggies. In lieu of cake they had a cookie buffet.

Not sure what is happening here.

Brody, the bride, Lindsay, and a flower arrangement.

Although there are no pictures of me from the night, I promise you I had a great time and would’ve been smiling in all of them.

Now we’re off to JP’s family’s cabin by Adrian, Michigan. Although the weather isn’t ideal, we’ll have a good time. I foresee mimosas, euchre, and pontoon boat rides.


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