Productive Morning

After a super lazy Sunday which included three episodes of Game of Thrones (season one), two episodes of Sons of Anarchy (season four), and a forty minute nap, I was feeling the need to be productive this Monday morning. As much as I enjoy being a piece, it brings me lots of joy to get stuff done in the morning.

We made it to the dog park, met up with my dog park friends (all of whom are over 60 years old – ha) and walked three laps. The dogs were ridiculously happy and got soaked from all of the dew.

Due to the wet and dirty dogs, I bathed both dogs! Moose is easier in that he somewhat willingly walks up the stairs I to the guest bathroom tub.

Frankie, on the other hand, fights the bath with everything he’s got. Weighing in at 90 pounds, I cannot carry him, so I dragged, pushed, and half carried him across the house and up the stairs.

But now they are clean and will be so much nicer to pet once they’re dry.

Speaking of clean dogs, yesterday’s Groupon was for something I have been wanting to get done for months: dog grooming. For $49, I got two grooming sessions for dogs over 30 pounds. I bought the Groupon, called immediately, and got them in for Friday. Moose and Frankie will be clean and pretty for our trip to Toledo this weekend.

A load of laundry got done (from said dirty dog baths).

Our new tv console from Pottery Barn was delivered – I love it!

It fits our new tv perfectly and looks great against our bamboo floors.

To prepare for the next three days of in-service, I brewed a pot of coffee for iced coffee. That old juice bottle now holds my iced coffee – it is a more manageable size for the fridge.

Because I work out in the morning before school (or at least I did last year and am hoping I have the motivation to continue it this year), I can’t make coffee every morning, and buying coffee every day is not worth it to me. Long story short, I made coffee.

I watered plants around the house. Don’t you love how peace lilies basically TELL you when they need water? They get all droopy, but once you get a little water in them, they come back within minutes. It is pretty much impossible to kill them.

I made a delicious and protein-filled breakfast. No picture was taken but I’ll give you the details: two eggs and spinach nuked in the microwave, in a Flatout light wrap with goat cheese and TJ’s fig jam. This will definitely hold me over until lunch.

All of this happened between 6:30am and 10:00am. On my schedule for the rest of the day? Work out, babysit, write a one-page research paper (assignment for curriculum project), and read Bodega Dreams (also for school).

Are you more productive in the morning or at night?
What’d you get done (or not done) this morning?

4 thoughts on “Productive Morning

  1. It was actually kinda nice to get up and have my morning routine back today… But yesterday I went to church, ran errands (office max and Target), and watched the Vow with my roommates. Pretty productive Sunday which is abnormal for me! I love your tv stand! Nice choice! Enjoy in-service this week 🙂

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