Color Run Recap

Hey guys! Happy weekend 🙂

Last night I ran my second 5K – the Color Run in Milwaukee. I was excited to try something new, and I have seen the pictures of runners covered in color and thought it looked fun. A friend signed up with a group through her church, so I signed up with them and saved a little money instead of being an individual.

Two friends and I drove to Miller Park in Milwaukee yesterday. The race wasn’t until 7:00pm, but we had to pick up our race packets. We left around 4:00pm and hit almost no traffic! The three of us met up with two other friends.

After parking, we hiked it to get our bibs, shirts, and color packets and were greeted by long lines. This was the first of a few annoying aspects of the experience. If they knew 10,000+ people had signed up and most likely did not pick up their pockets early, wouldn’t they have more check-in stations? We waited for over half an hour, and that was just to get our bibs. Then, we had to wait in another line for the shirt and color packet. When we got to this table, volunteers were filling bags and handing them out immediately. It seemed strange to me that this was not done ahead of time. Luckily, this race is the epitome of a fun run, so I was not stressing about any of it.

Back at the car, we got ready for the race and took a chance to document our before in front of Miller Park.


Just before 7:00pm, the “start” time, we were in line waiting. It was fun people watching, especially the drunk bachelorette party next to us. Yup, this run was so “fun” that people tailgated (some even right) before.

Then more waiting. Unlike Crazylegs or other races where you get a corral assignment, there was no organization here. The announcer just had different waves go every ten minutes. I assume this provides the color distributors at each kilometer time to refuel. Some participants got so sick of waiting, they ran off and skipped the start and just started the course one hundred yards into it.

Some people opened their color packets early hence the girl covered in red powder

Finally at 8:00pm, we started running. I was hoping to get doused with color right at the start, but no such luck.

There ended up being TONS of walkers; there were easily more walkers than runners. This is fine, but it would’ve been nice to suggest that runners stay to one side and walkers to the other. The five of us weaved through walkers, strollers, and runners – we actually wanted to run the whole thing. This was partially annoying but also made running kind of fun, as it was almost like an obstacle course.

At the color stations, volunteers hold squirt bottles of colored powder. I read it is basically colored corn starch. We ran through yellow, green, pink, blue, and red (I think and not in that order). I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes but would recommend a bandana to cover your mouth. We inhaled lots of color, and while it didn’t taste bad, it was weird.

At the end, everyone meets for the color explosion. At the cue of an announcer, everyone throws their open packet of color (which you got when you checked in) up in the air.

Kellie got an extra color packet and threw it all over us. My chin got the brunt of it – I gave myself the mustache.

Color goes everywhere and the music is blasting. This was fun, but we all decided would’ve been more fun after a few beers. Maybe that bachelorette party was on to something…

Kathy had the foresight to bring beers, so we made it back to the car and each drank a Miller Light. It would’ve been sacrilegious to drink anything else at Miller Park, right?

So, in the end, I had fun, and the company of some great ladies made it even better. Despite some of the organizational missteps, I still had a good time. There’s a similar run (Color Rad) in Madison coming up, and it’d be interesting to compare the two.

Plus, I liked ending up colorful and dirty!

Showering felt awesome when I got home 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend!

Have you ever done a color run? Ever want to do one?
What are your plans this weekend? Runs or races?


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